Warning as popular breakfast item linked to three ‘deadly’ cancers

A popular breakfast staple ‘raises’ the risk of developing ‘three deadly cancers’, claims a new study.

Research has found that consumption of dairy products, including milk, yogurt and cheese, may be linked to liver and breast cancer as well as lymphoma.

Conducted in China, the study looked at the eating habits of 500,000 people, with 70% never eating dairy and a fifth consuming dairy once a week, reports Birmingham Live.

Of those involved, 30,000 participants developed cancer – with the researchers finding that for every 50g a day of dairy intake, the risk increased by 12% for liver cancer and 17% for breast cancer.

Maria Kakkoura, Nutritional Epidemiologist at Oxford Population Health and first author of the study, said: “This was the first large study to investigate the link between dairy products and cancer risk in a Chinese population.

“Further studies are needed to validate these current findings, establish whether these associations are causal, and investigate the potential underlying mechanisms involved.”

Duane Mellor of Aston University said: “Although the paper suggests a 12% increase in the relative risk of female breast cancer, this does not equate to 12 more cases per 100 individuals.

“That would be more like 1 or 2 cases per thousand people. In my opinion, this study alone does not provide strong evidence that reducing dairy intake would reduce cancer risk.”

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