Viral TikTok Video Calls in PM to Address Vancouver’s DTES

A TikTok video asking the Prime Minister of Canada to address the homeless in downtown Vancouver has gone viral.

The video, taken by a man from BC, shows several people walking along a crowded sidewalk along East Hastings Street; There will also be several tents.

“Hey, Trudeau. These are Canadian sons and daughters…someone’s children. This is the state of Vancouver. This is your Canada,” he says.

The local outdoors enthusiast questions whether the prime minister has visited the area, noting that his video was shot “post-pandemic, post-restrictions … this is the state of homelessness and addiction.”

Finally, the local TikToker implores Trudeau to “go down Main and Hastings in Vancouver and start delving into the real issues of Canadians.”

The video has been viewed 323,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday (June 21).

@bcbikeboard @Justin Trudeau 🇨🇦 it’s time for you to visit main and hastings #vancouver #canada #help ♬ original sound – bcbikeboard

Many supported the video, liking and sharing on social media. However, others note that the issue is provincial rather than federal.

Several people note that accessibility should be a prime minister’s concern. Anthony Carlo writes that “not being able to pay rent because wages don’t match inflation isn’t people doing bad, it’s Canada doing bad.”

Others note that the problem persisted for decades, however.

“I am not defending the prime minister. But why is this his problem? This has been going on for years and years,” writes Hedo Alhamadani.

The only news for Metro Vancouver renters appears to be bad news this year, as a new report shows that average apartment prices continue to rise in the region.

In all of Canada, Vancouver remains the most expensive city to rent an unfurnished one-bedroom unit, with listings averaging $2,367 this month.

Vancouver Is Awesome reached out to @bcbikeboard for comment.

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