Trump rally today news LIVE – Donald addresses the Nebraska crowd after showing the clip of Joe Biden’s latest Ukraine faux pas

Former President Donald Trump is holding another rally tonight in support of the candidates he has endorsed in the upcoming election.

Trump is due to speak tonight at a “Save America” ​​rally in Nebraska on highway I-80 near Greenwood.

Tonight’s event was originally planned for Friday, April 29, but had to be rescheduled due to bad weather.

The rally starts at 2pm, and while Kellyanne Conway and Mike Lindell were originally scheduled to give speeches on Friday, it’s unclear if they will be in attendance tonight.

Trump is due to speak at 5 pm along with Republican candidate for governor of Nebraska, Charles Herbster.

The event comes as the former president continues to hint at a possible race to return to the White House in 2024.

Trump hinted at another possible presidential race in a November 2021 Thanksgiving message.

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  • social truth

    Trump said people need to subscribe to social TRUTH.

    According to an announcement posted to Twitter by spokeswoman Liz Harrington in October 2021, Trump said he was creating his own platform called Truth Social, claiming he would “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech”.

    Trump said in a statement: “We live in a world where the Taliban have a large presence on Twitter, but their favorite American president has been silenced.”

  • parental rights

    Trump said teachers should not teach anything without parental consent, including transgenderism.

    “Let’s save our children and also keep men out of women’s sports.”

    “If I were a basketball coach, I would put five men on my team because I want to win,” Trump said.

  • money for farmers

    Trump said his administration gave $28 billion to farmers.

    He said he did it to challenge China for not doing enough good business with America.

    He said farmers don’t want “freebies”, they just want a level playing field.

  • Charles Herbster takes the stage

    Trump welcomes Herbster on stage saying he is a “very successful” man.

    Herbster went on to praise Trump, including his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

    “I think Charles will do very well,” Trump said.

  • Trump on Ben Sasse

    The former president said he endorsed Ben Sasse despite not wanting to.

    He said that a day after helping him get elected, Sasse criticized Trump’s decisions to withdraw troops from Germany.

    “I will never forget it. Little Ben Sasse is bad news,” Trump said and urged the crowd to vote against him.

  • the biggest threat

    Trump said the biggest public health threat in America is not Covid-19, but the “weak” policies of the Democrats.”

    “Record crime is taking place with shootings and stabbings,” he said.

    “The Democrats are a party of crime, chaos and death.

  • Participation in the Nebraska rally

    Right Side Broadcasting tweeted a video of the rally and said there was “massive attendance” for the event.

  • Interview with Piers Morgan

    The former president mentioned his recent interview with Piers Morgan.

    In the interview, he dramatically exploded saying “you are a disloyal fool”.

  • electoral fraud

    Trump said the election fraud was “so bad” and that “the evidence is out there”.

    He said Democrats focused on unstable states.

    “It’s very simple, if you win, you win. If you lose, you lose.”

    Trump said evidence of the ballot harvest will be released next week.

  • ‘Let’s save our country again’

    Trump said he won more votes than any other president in history.

    He said people need to elect officials and a president who puts America first.

    “I ran twice. I won twice. I did much better the second time.”

  • Joe Biden’s gaffe

    Trump showed a video of Joe Biden stuttering and slurring his words during a speech.

    He said they could show more, but they “don’t have all afternoon”.

    Trump then asked for a cognition test for the president.

  • ‘Does anyone mind if I call it a China virus?’

    Trump said he was probably right about “everything” during Covid-19.

    He opposed Biden’s “harmful” mask mandates.

    “He’s turned stability into anarchy, prosperity into poverty and security into catastrophe. Other than that, he’s doing a pretty good job.”

  • misery index

    Trump said something called the “poverty index” is at an all-time high.

    He said millions of Americans have not returned to work since Covid-19 and that wages are falling.

  • american economy

    Trump said the United States had the “best economy ever” before Covid-19.

    He then raised the inflation crisis by saying that it is not Putin’s fault.

    “Biden has created the worst inflation, and it’s going up a lot. Get used to it,” Trump said.

  • ‘He saw weakness’

    Trump addressed the Russia-Ukraine war by saying that Putin would never have invaded under his watch.

    He said Putin “saw the weakness. He saw the incompetence” within the Biden administration.

  • ‘We have no idea where they are coming from’

    Trump said he sent “tens of thousands” of “gang members” back to their countries when he was president.

    “The border wall was a great success,” Trump said.

    He said Biden doesn’t know what to do when it comes to the border crisis.

  • ‘I was ready to come’

    Trump addressed canceling the original date of the rally.

    “They had a little thing called a tornado clock,” Trump said of Friday’s weather.

    “I could have gotten out of this one,” he said. “But I said we have to do it again on Sunday.”

  • set the stage

    Donald Trump took the stage for today’s Save America rally.

  • Watch Rally Save America

    The Right Side Broadcasting Network is currently broadcasting the event on Twitter.

  • When will Trump speak?

    Trump is due to take the stage at 6 pm ET.

  • ‘I will make Nebraska great again!’

    Charles Herbster said that, as governor, he will take power away from the establishment and give it back to his constituents.

    He addressed the border crisis, as well as China’s power and influence, saying the country “wants to bring us down”.

  • ‘People are wondering why I’m running’

    Charles Herbster said he’s running for governor because “he gave people a lot of money” to run for office, and said they didn’t keep their promises.

    “I will fight like Donald J Trump,” Herbster said of his run.

    “When people get into politics, they say one thing and do another. That’s not going to happen to me as governor of your state.”

  • Charles Herbster speaks

    Nebraska’s gubernatorial candidate spoke at the Save America rally.

    “No one shows up for work anymore. What happened?” said Herbster.

    Herbster also said “the establishment doesn’t want to lose control” and said he will fight to not allow critical race theory in schools.

  • Steve Erdman endorses Charles Herbster

    Nebraska State Senator Steve Erdman has endorsed Charles Herbster for governor.

    He explained a rumor that Herbster apparently failed to pay property tax during a business venture.

    However, Erdman said that even though the business was going badly, he turned around and paid all his taxes and fines.

    “The point is, their employees never lost a paycheck,” Erdman said, explaining how Herbster put his employees first despite their struggles.

  • Kellyanne Conway comments

    “Follow Donald Trump’s lead,” Conway said in a video shown at the rally, urging people to support Charles Herbster.

    She went on to say that Herbster knows how to fight inflation and that he will always put the people of Nebraska first.

    “Other people want to fight Charles Herbster, but he’s fighting for you.”

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