Today’s headlines: Diesel reaches €2 per litre; More than 890,000 people still haven’t received their first booster shot as another Covid-19 outbreak looms

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Diesel rises to €2 per liter mark after pump prices rise

Diesel is set to hit €2 per liter in the coming days, following a rise in market prices.

Doctors examine virus links to new hepatitis cases as 12 children died worldwide

At least 12 children, including one in Ireland, have died around the world from a mysterious severe form of hepatitis that is baffling doctors.

Release of 44 emails about Tony Holohan Trinity’s work ‘not in the public interest’, official says

The release of a flurry of emails about Tony Holohan’s move to Trinity College – which shows it took more than a month for Health Minister Stephen Donnelly to be copied – was turned down because it’s not “in the public interest”.

Hotels, rental cars, staff shortages – the ‘triple threat’ that blocks tourism’s full return

A triple threat to the recovery of Ireland’s tourism and hospitality sector was described in a confidential report.

The Indo Daily BONUS: Why it pays to be a tech troublemaker

The Indo Daily BONUS: Why it pays to be a tech troublemaker

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More than 890,000 people still have not received their first booster dose as new variants threaten a new Covid outbreak

More than 890,000 people here have yet to benefit from a first Covid-19 booster dose as disease experts warn another potential virus outbreak is imminent.

Johnson will visit the North as the DUP halts the Assembly’s return with a veto on the new president

Boris Johnson will visit Northern Ireland on Monday amid a political crisis in which the DUP is blocking the election of a president in Stormont.

RTÉ takes over with the launch of Toy Show The Musical

RTÉ is releasing a Christmas musical to take on traditional costumes based on a little girl’s adventure Late Late Toy Show, which will begin in December.

20-year-old man shot in North Dublin

Gardai attended the scene of the incident in Finglas.

Tensions could prompt the EU to shelve its ban on Russian oil

Brussels may shelve its plans to embargo Russian oil imports amid rising tensions over the bloc’s attempts to launch a sixth package of economic sanctions against Moscow.

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