The mystery of an image of a carved “gateway” on the planet Mars, published by NASA, is causing an uproar

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The American Space and Navigation Agency, or what is known as “NASA”, has caused an uproar among activists on social media after it posted a photo of the surface of Mars from what activists described as a “portal” carved out”.

NASA explained that the image published on its official website was taken by the camera of the Curtis robot on Mars on May 7.

It is reported that NASA previously announced that it is looking for healthy, enthusiastic, non-smoking American citizens ages 30 to 55, as well as regular astronaut candidates to be recruited for a year-long Mars simulation mission.

But this is not a real mission in outer space, rather it will be in a unit of more than 500 square meters, for an entire year, and will explore monitoring the health and performance of the 4-person crew.

Participants will conduct science experiments, practice communications with “Earth” and even simulate spacewalks, as NASA hopes to prepare lessons learned for the real-life challenges presented by future missions to Mars.

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