The Bread and Butter Thing is Launching a New Food Center in Hyde

The newest feeding center run by The Bread and Butter Thing will launch at St George’s Church in Hyde on Friday, June 24th, with support from local primary schools.

One of the UK’s leading community food organisations, The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) continues to work in partnership with the Tameside Council and local voluntary organizations in the service. Together, they help fight food insecurity and at the same time reduce food waste by distributing quality surplus food at a sharply reduced price.

Following the success of their other feeding centers in Tameside, TBBT is launching a new center at St George’s Church in Hyde on June 24th. need. This is the county’s sixth hub alongside existing sites in Haughton Green, Droylsden, Stalybridge, Hattersley and Ashton.

The hub is open to everyone in the community. For just £7.50, members receive approximately £35 worth of quality fresh food and stock closet staples including fresh fruit and vegetables. This means that even on a tight budget, families can have access to nutritious and healthy food. The TBBT service allows parents to feed their families healthily and improves dietary diversity by providing foods they normally do not have access to. Families can use their NHS Healthy Start vouchers and low-cost period products are also available.

TBBT works with food companies across the industry to help them redistribute surplus food. Otherwise, the food provided to the TBBT would be wasted. This partnership benefits the environment by reducing food waste and also has an increasingly positive impact on communities. TBBT supports other vital local work, including providing experts in debt counseling, housing advice, grant applications and mental health support.

Tameside Council Director of Population Health Debbie Watson said: “Another opening of the Bread and Butter Thing Hub in Tameside showcases the success and impact of the scheme in our communities. The centers continue to give everyone the opportunity to access fresh, healthy and affordable food for their families.

“The scheme also helps to reduce food waste by distributing surplus food safe for consumption, which has a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. A big thank you to the community partner St George Elementary School which was supported by Greenfield Academy and Endeavor Academy. Without their help, we would not be able to reach the families in the community that would benefit most from TBBT’s support. Also a thank you to the volunteers whose ongoing contributions help make TBBT an ongoing success.”

Mark Game, CEO of TBBT, added: “The financial challenges of the cost of living crisis are driving the pressing need for affordable food and we are seeing demand increase as people face difficult budget decisions between food and fuel. Working together with the Tameside Borough Council and local partners allows us to spread our service even further and support more people in need.

“Our members tell us that over 80% of them have had to skip meals to feed their families. When using TBBT, most save over £25 a week on their food budgets with the added benefits of better quality and wider food variety. It leads to healthier lifestyles and puts money back in people’s pockets.”

St George’s Primary School in Hyde is the main community partner supporting the opening of the new centre, supported by Greenfield Academy and Endeavor Academy. This partnership will help ensure parents are aware of the TBBT hub taking place every Friday at St George’s Church, situated next to St George’s Elementary School.

Nicola Hewitt, principal of St George’s Elementary School said:

“We are very excited to partner with TBBT. We are very aware of the increases in the cost of living and the impact on many of our families.

“We know that these difficulties can sometimes lead to food insecurity and make it more difficult for parents to provide enough food and nutrition for their children. The center is a great way to recycle surplus food and provide our families with nutritious food at a very low cost. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for people to get involved in a community project that will help local people.”

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