Ted Cruz Calls January 6 Hearings “Theatre”

United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Thursday that tonight’s first hearing, revealing the findings of the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol, will not pass. of a political ruse orchestrated by the “idiocy” of the progressive left.

The bipartisan panel, established last summer, interviewed 1,000 witnesses who provided documents, as well as thousands of hours of eyewitness testimony about what happened before, during and after the violent insurgency that left five dead and American democracy on the brink of collapse. . Hundreds of individuals who participated in the riot were arrested and charged with crimes.

Cruz, however, believes the commission, its findings and the six scheduled public hearings are a hoax.

“Listen, I have to say, I think your comment is very unfair to clowns. It’s not right to blame clowns for the idiocy of [House Speaker Nancy] Furry [D-California] and the Democrats,” Cruz told Newsmax, a conservative media outlet.

“And that’s theater. It was designed to be theater, until they brought in a Hollywood producer. That’s — it’s no different from watching the Democratic National Convention, which is a sly propaganda machine. You know, I don’t want the convention.” from the DNC because I don’t believe in the ideas they are promoting,” Cruz continued. “That’s what this audience is going to be, and unfortunately, it’s going to have the warm and enthusiastic embrace of the corrupt corporate media. You know, The New York Times newspaper he only noted that this hearing “is a chance for Democrats to change the midterm narrative.” Well, for once, The New York Times newspaper accidentally reported the truth because they admitted that this is all about politics. This is a campaign ad.”

Watch below:

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