Taylor vs Serrano LIVE: Fight Stream, Latest Updates & How to Watch Tonight

<p>Katie Taylor (left) defends her undisputed lightweight title against Amanda Serrano</p>
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Katie Taylor (left) defends undisputed lightweight title against Amanda Serrano

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Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will become the first female fighters to lead Madison Square Garden as they take on Taylor’s undisputed lightweight title tonight.

The Irishwoman enters this historic fight undefeated as a professional, with a record of 20-0 and six knockouts to her name. Taylor, 35, is an Olympic gold medalist and former superlight champion, but said this week of tonight’s showdown with Serrano: “Saturday night is going to be the best night of my life. Everything will pale in comparison to what will happen on Saturday night.”

Meanwhile, Serrano has only one loss in her 44 professional fights, and the Puerto Rican – who has already won titles in seven divisions – is the unified featherweight champion. “I’m doing this for Latinos,” the 33-year-old said this week. “This is the first time that Puerto Rico will have an undisputed champion.” It’s part of the blood, I think,” Taylor retorted. “My father was a boxer, my two brothers boxed, my mother was the first female boxing judge in Ireland. So I feel like I’m carrying on their pioneering spirit.”

Catch live updates from Taylor vs Serrano and the qualifier below.


Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

The main card is on us!

Galal Yafai, the GB team’s Olympic gold medal winner, is in action first, fighting for the second time as a professional.

After winning his pro debut via fifth-round TKO in February, flyweight Yafai now faces Miguel Cartagena.

Ten rounds scheduled here!

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

While we wait for the main card to start, here’s a summary of the preliminary results…

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

The main card must be in progress at any time!

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn placed a $1 million bet on this weekend’s fight between their fighters Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul is promoting Serrano, who has won titles in seven weight classes, while Matchroom boss Hearn is mentoring Taylor, whose undisputed lightweight title is on the line at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

The women will be the first main event fighters at the iconic New York City venue, while their respective seven-figure purses are also historic in women’s boxing. Serrano’s $1 million purse could even be doubled if Paul, 25, wins his bet that the Puerto Rican will beat Irishman Taylor.

“I have a bet for you, Eddie,” Paul said at this week’s pre-fight press conference.

“I’m not getting a tattoo,” Hearn joked, referring to a bet between Paul and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, which the YouTuber won twice in 2021.

Here’s where the conversation went next:

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Katie Taylor x Amanda Serrano

Katie Taylor will face Amanda Serrano in the same Garden ring where the best boxers in history left their blood, courage and dreams.

On the steep banks of the great sacred hall, 18,000 people will raise their flags in a battle of color between local Puerto Ricans, Irish travelers and the curious. It will be impossible to be neutral in that first wave of emotion that greets the opening bell; the fight will begin under a canopy of howling hearts.

It’s possible that this fight, a very modern and old-fashioned fight for the undisputed lightweight title, could only have ended in New York at its hallowed sporting venue, Madison Square Garden. It looks like a fight from the black and white days of the sport; the silent Irishman, the local boy, a hostile crowd, a traveling priest, the gamblers and the captive audience.

This version of my little boxing fairy tale has an Irishwoman carrying a Bible and a Puerto Rican from Brooklyn with attitude; they’ve shared 64 fights, shared world titles at seven weights, and now they’ve arrived at that little piece of boxing’s promised land, a place where the winner will be the queen, the last woman standing.

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