Tattoos Meet Cocktails in Historic Gastown bring two artistic worlds together for an interactive night

For those whose all-time idols include Norman Keith Collins, Sailor Jerry and the ghost of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, it seems like the world’s biggest dream has come true. Hands inked and bottles of rum if you couldn’t be more excited about a night that features live drinks and tattoos in Vancouver’s historic Gastown.

Tattoos Meet Cocktails will see mixologists and tattoo artists at Le Papillon Studio at 369 Carrall Street. Starting with a short documentary about the night’s performers, the event will feature four seasons where attendees can sip innovative cocktails while watching people get tattooed in front of them.

Drinks will reflect the work on that four night Le Papillon Studio Tattoo Artists: Gale, Marine, Shae and Louis Tibo. Co-hosting the evening is Cocktail Connoisseur, the Vancouver-based “ghost bar” that is building a reputation for pop-up events out of the box. Mixologists Jean Laven and Kam Tabarraee will create four molecular cocktails inspired by the stories and stylistic approaches of each of the artists.

Le Papillon presents itself as a space designed to provide a “platform that supports our family of creatives on their path and shows the community around us our perspective on tattooing and art in general”.

Tattoos Meet Cocktails will have two sessions on May 21st, one at 5pm and one at 8pm. Click here for more information.

Be warned that it is highly unlikely that any tattoo will end up bringing to mind the work of Norman Keith Collins. And that the cocktails in question are equally unlikely to be built around Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Finally, given that the people who join Tattoos Meet Cocktails are known for having good taste, expect that….

… as opposed to that. Which sailor Jerry would no doubt find hysterically funny, once he got over his blatant disdain.

Video of the worst tattoo client ever!


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