The long history of Russia’s efforts to subjugate Ukraine

Since gaining independence in 1991, Ukraine has made a lot of hard-earned gains and tried to lose at least one little thing. Correspondent Mo Rocca asked, “When I was a kid, we called it ‘The Ukraine’. Why has that changed?” Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum, who has written extensively on Russia and Ukraine, said: “Ukraine, … Read more

What’s next for Vladimir Putin in the fight in Ukraine?

Russia itself is suffering high costs from Western sanctions and casualties on the battlefield. Paris, France: Russian President Vladimir Putin must now decide his next steps in the five-month invasion that began in February. After Russian troops captured the strategic Ukrainian city of Lysychansk on Sunday, here are five different options raised by security experts … Read more

‘We have to break them… we have no alternative’, warns Zelensky

youKrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his armed forces were undaunted in their efforts to “break” Moscow’s will to pursue a nearly five-month war. This comes as Russian Vladimir Putin hailed his military’s victory in the grueling battle of Luhansk. Russia captured the eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychansk on Sunday, ending one of the biggest battles … Read more

Ukraine unveils $750 billion ‘recovery plan’ for post-war future

LUGANO, Switzerland — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Monday that rebuilding his war-torn country is the “common task of the entire democratic world”, while his prime minister unveiled a $750 billion recovery plan as the weapons of the Russian invaders to silence one day. As Russian forces continued their crushing advance in Ukraine’s eastern … Read more

UK steps up sanctions on Putin ally Belarus with new measures

The UK steps up its sanctions against Putin’s ally Belarus with new measures, including a ban on iron and steel imports. The new package of restrictions will ban Belarus iron and steel imports It will also stop the export of British artwork and design items to the country. Belarus facilitated Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine … Read more

Photo of Kate Hudson topless on Instagram

The 43-year-old actress’ older brother Oliver, 45, was not overly impressed by the sultry click. Kate Hudson shocked her brother by posting a topless photo on Instagram. On Saturday, Kate Hudson posted a photo of herself having coffee in London, her long braids carefully covering her breasts, Page Six reported. “Sun is out,” the How … Read more

Russian forces attack Donetsk after capturing Luhansk

A grain silo destroyed by Russian air strikes in the Donbas. Soup Images | Rocket | Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday congratulated troops on “liberating” Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk province after several weeks of brutal fighting. A large part of the area’s infrastructure, including residential buildings, was destroyed and several civilians were killed, … Read more

Putin declares victory in Luhansk’s Donbas region

POKROVSK, Ukraine — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday declared victory in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, a day after Ukrainian forces withdrew from their last stronghold of resistance in the province. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed Putin in a televised meeting on Monday that Russian forces had taken control of Luhansk, which … Read more

How would a G-7 price ceiling for Russian oil work?

The G7 has floated the idea of ​​an oil price ceiling, but experts doubt its effectiveness. Image Alliance | Image Alliance | Getty Images The world’s seven largest industrialized economies have floated the idea of ​​a Russian oil price ceiling to further reduce the Kremlin’s ability to finance its attack on Ukraine and try to … Read more

Russian Jews fear resurgence of anti-Semitism amid war in Ukraine – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article As Vladimir Putin’s war continues for a fifth month in Ukraine and the crackdown stifles civil liberties at home, Russian Jews are worried that they will soon become targets of the Kremlin. Jews have fled Russia en masse; those left behind are terrified of directly criticizing the war, … Read more