Here’s How to Spot the Difference – NBC Chicago

If you’ve had a runny nose or sore throat recently, you might be wondering if it’s a common cold, allergies, or a COVID-19 infection. Health officials say it can be difficult to tell which disease you are experiencing based on symptoms, but getting tested is one way to find out — including people who have … Read more

Are COVID symptoms changing with new variants? Chicago’s Best Doctor Explains – NBC Chicago

Are COVID symptoms changing with newer omicron subvariants now spreading across the US? According to Chicago’s top physician, the answer remains unclear. Arwady noted that milder cases of the virus can make determining symptoms more challenging. “We’re seeing a lot of COVID that is generally quite mild,” she said, although she added that some early … Read more

What comes after FDA clearance? – NBC Chicago

US regulators on Friday authorized the first COVID-19 vaccines for infants and preschoolers, clearing the way for vaccinations to begin next week, but one thing still needs to happen first. Parents have been pressing federal officials for months for the opportunity to protect their minor children, as more adults lose masks and abandon other public … Read more

Covid is still impacting people two years after being infected

More than half of patients who were hospitalized with Covid during the pandemic still have at least one symptom two years after their first infection, according to new findings. In the longest study of its kind, research published in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine revealed that even after being discharged, these Covid patients still experience a … Read more

As the BA.2 variant spreads, here are the symptoms to watch out for – NBC Chicago

While the omicron variant was the dominant COVID-19 strain earlier this year, the BA.2 subvariant, also known as “stealth omicron”, is now responsible for the majority of coronavirus cases in the US. According to the most recent data from the CDC, the estimated number of cases linked to the BA.2 subvariant was 68%, which was … Read more