The long history of Russia’s efforts to subjugate Ukraine

Since gaining independence in 1991, Ukraine has made a lot of hard-earned gains and tried to lose at least one little thing. Correspondent Mo Rocca asked, “When I was a kid, we called it ‘The Ukraine’. Why has that changed?” Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum, who has written extensively on Russia and Ukraine, said: “Ukraine, … Read more

What’s next for Vladimir Putin in the fight in Ukraine?

Russia itself is suffering high costs from Western sanctions and casualties on the battlefield. Paris, France: Russian President Vladimir Putin must now decide his next steps in the five-month invasion that began in February. After Russian troops captured the strategic Ukrainian city of Lysychansk on Sunday, here are five different options raised by security experts … Read more

Brittney Griner’s wife says she hasn’t heard from the White House after letter to Biden

Brittney Griner’s wife said the White House has yet to respond to a letter from the WNBA star asking for President Joe Biden’s help in releasing her from Russian detention. Griner, 31, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and center for the Phoenix Mercury, was arrested in February when she traveled to Russia and authorities claimed … Read more

A family’s painful decision to sell a 14-year-old girl in marriage: “It hurts… But we’re scared.”

Kueryiek, South Sudan ‚ÄúThere hasn’t been much to sing about in the village of Kueryiek for months. But all that could change: A wedding is near. Wearing a green dress and ill-fitting wig, bride-to-be Nyekuoth Manyuan is treated like royalty. By getting married, she can save her community from starvation. But, as CBS News foreign … Read more

US seeks focus on Ukraine’s ‘urgent’ needs at Swiss meeting

LUGANO, Switzerland — A top US diplomat on Tuesday urged Ukraine’s allies to help the war-torn country meet its “immediate and urgent” needs – not just long-term reconstruction – as dozens of countries wrap up a two-day conference aimed at to help Ukraine recover from the crisis. Russia’s war when it ends one day. Scott … Read more

Brittney Griner’s wife says it’s “very disheartening” that the WNBA star has yet to hear from President Biden

In a handwritten letter from Britney Griner which was delivered to the White House on Monday, the WNBA player wrote how terrified she is at the prospect of being stranded in Russia “forever”. Griner’s wife, Cherelle, told CBS Mornings that when she read the letter, she could feel the fear Griner was feeling. “She’s probably … Read more

Phosphorus bombs: what you should know about Russia’s alleged use | News

According to Ukrainian allegations, Russian forces used phosphorus bombs on several occasions in different areas of the country. More recently, on Friday, Ukraine’s army accused Russia of dropping munitions on Cobra Island after Moscow withdrew its troops from the Black Sea outpost. Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian official, said they were used in Mariupol in May, … Read more

Family calls for justice after 70-year-old man’s death in Russian attack

Family calls for justice after 70-year-old man is killed in Russian attack – CBS News Watch CBS News Russian troops continue to take more territory in Eastern Ukraine. Holly Williams visits one small town that is mourning the death of a beloved 70-year-old school teacher who was killed in a Russian strike. Be the first … Read more

Fighting intensifies in eastern Ukraine as NATO presses for expansion

Dozens of allies have pledged to talks in Switzerland to support Ukraine in what is expected to be a long and expensive recovery. Fighting took place on Tuesday in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine as Russian troops tried to capitalize on recent battlefield gains as NATO pressed ahead with historic membership proposals from Finland … Read more

Russian scientist dies 2 days after being arrested for treason

Physicist Dmitry Kolker, 54, suffers from advanced pancreatic cancer. London: A Russian scientist who was arrested in Siberia last week on suspicion of state treason and flown to Moscow despite suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer has died, lawyers and a family member said on Sunday. Physicist Dmitry Kolker, 54, was taken from his hospital bed, … Read more