Midwest bro attacks NYC bodegas, Twitter crowd gets him fired

A midwestern college grad was fired from his tech job in New York after TikTok videos he made complaining about Bronx bodegas sparked accusations of racism. Griffin Green, 24, moved from Michigan to the Big Apple last week to take up a new role as a sales development representative for software company Outreach – before … Read more

New York’s infamous ‘Pizza Rat’ is seen eating with his family

Pizza Rat is back – and this time, he’s brought friends. In the bowels of a New York City subway station, a family of mice opted for a late-night pizza as spectators boarded the L train home. “I’m always looking for that video of New York,” Louyi Ferrin, who captured the rodents on video, told … Read more

Writer’s ‘Masterful’ Obituary to Her Mother Makes Readers ‘Laugh Through Tears’

An obituary written by a journalist for his late mother is going viral on social media, with readers praising the writer for “masterfully” making them laugh and cry at the same time. New York Times writer Caity Weaver, 33, composed the heartbreaking piece after the death of her beloved mother, Dr. Maureen Brennan-Weaver on June … Read more

Nurse earns $13K a month from pictures of her ‘bent’ thumbs

Who has two extraordinarily “curved” thumbs, a camera and is making money? This NICU nurse on TikTok. Allie Rae, 38, has revealed just how lucrative the flexible thumbs market can be after earning thousands of dollars selling personalized photos and videos of her bizarre stunt. Rae, a former neonatal intensive care unit nurse, was fired … Read more

Who is Xavier Musk, Elon Musk’s transgender son who wants to change his name?

The transgender daughter of billionaire Elon Musk has petitioned a California court to change her name and gender, according to reports. Vivian, 18, who was born Xavier, announced her decision to change her gender and famous surname to lose any association with the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. The official reason stated by Vivian in … Read more

Corporate Work Retreats Are Back – and Employees Hate Them

Next month, Catherine can expect to sink her feet into the sand, piña colada in hand, at a five-star all-inclusive resort in Cancun. The trip is also all expenses paid, as your company will foot the bill. The only problem is: the product manager – who, like most of his colleagues at the marketing company, … Read more

Why getting ‘Krissed’ is the new ‘Rickrolled’

Beware of gullible TikTok users: you could risk being #Krissed. A new trend is spreading through the app where users post videos, often accompanied by false information about celebrities, that end with a video of Kris Jenner dancing to a fast-paced version of “Lady Marmalade” from “Moulin Rouge.” The now viral clip of Jenner in … Read more