Bonnie becomes a major hurricane on the Pacific coast of Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Bonnie strengthened into a major hurricane on Tuesday, the first of the season in the eastern Pacific. Bonnie continued to move approximately parallel to the Pacific coast of Mexico after crossing Central America from the Caribbean and heavy rain, contributing to at least two deaths. Meteorologists said they expected the hurricane, now … Read more

Mobilization against hunger in Brazil, where it affects 33.1 million people — global issues

Ação Cidadã’s large warehouse in downtown Rio de Janeiro is full of food donated by solidarity people for distribution to needy and hungry communities. There are 33.1 million Brazilians who are hungry, according to a survey by a network of researchers on the subject. CREDIT: Tânia Rêgo / Agência Brasil by Mario Osava (Rio de … Read more

A migrant trailer survivor: ‘They couldn’t breathe’

Simple advice from a friend to stay close to the door may have saved Yenifer Yulisa Cardona Tomás from the deadly fate that befell 53 other migrants when they were abandoned trapped in a suffocating semi-trailer last week in Texas.

Mexican bishops will post photos of dead priests in churches

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Council of Roman Catholic Bishops on Monday called on parishes across the country to post photos of dead nuns and priests in their churches this Sunday and hold Masses for all those killed in the gang-fueled violence. The call for special celebrations in July came after two Jesuit priests and a … Read more

6 gang members killed in Honduran prison

Tegucigalpa, Honduras — Inmates from one of Honduras’ powerful street gangs killed six of them inside a prison in northwest Honduras, officials said Monday. Prison guards found the bodies of six inmates from the Barrio 18 gang piled up in a hallway during a routine inspection Monday at Ilama prison. “We have six people who … Read more

Mexican army patrol attacked after detaining suspects

MEXICO CITY — A Mexican army patrol was surrounded and attacked in the city of Altar, Mexico’s president said on Monday. Altar, about 100 kilometers south of Sasabe, Arizona, has long been known as a hub for smuggling of immigrants and is allegedly controlled by a faction of the Sinaloa cartel. President Andrés Manuel López … Read more

Ricky Martin denies restraining order allegations

San Juan Puerto Rico — Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin on Sunday denied the allegations that led to a restraining order against him, with police noting that he has not been charged with any crime. Police said Saturday that a judge had issued the order against Martin, but authorities trying to comply with the order … Read more

Last migrant caravan breaks up in Mexico after 2 days

HUIXTLA, Mexico — Several thousand migrants who departed southern Mexico with the aim of reaching the United States broke up their march on Sunday after Mexican authorities granted about 3,000 temporary residence permits. The permits will allow immigrants, mainly Venezuelans and Central Americans, to stay in Mexican territory for up to 30 days while following … Read more

Argentine Economy Minister resigns amid problems with peso and diesel

Buenos Aires, Argentina — Economy Minister Martin Guzmán tendered his resignation on Saturday, acting at the end of a week in which the Argentine currency hit an all-time low against the dollar and truck drivers protested a diesel shortage. Guzman announced on Twitter that he had sent a multi-page resignation letter to President Alberto Fernandez. … Read more

Mexico opens new oil refinery and denies solar licenses

MEXICO CITY — The office of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Friday that the new Gulf Coast oil refinery he had built is “a dream come true”. López Obrador “inaugurated” the partially completed Olmeca oil refinery in Dos Bocas, his home state of Tabasco. He boasted that his government had decided to … Read more