Ecuadorian Government and Indigenous Leaders Agree to End Protests | News about indigenous rights

The deal includes reduced fuel prices and other concessions, ending weeks of anti-government demonstrations. The government of Ecuador and indigenous leaders of the protests reached an agreement to end the mass demonstrations that have paralyzed parts of the South American nation since mid-June. Led by the indigenous organization CONAIE, the protests began on June 13 … Read more

Ecuador: Agreement ends 18 days of strikes

Quito, Ecuador — The government of Ecuador and the country’s main indigenous group reached an agreement on Thursday to end 18 days of often violent strikes that have virtually paralyzed the country and killed at least four people. The agreement, which includes fuel price reductions and other concessions, was signed by Government Minister Francisco JimĂ©nez, … Read more

At least 52 prisoners die in Colombia prison riot and prison fire

Map of Colombia locating Tulua where a deadly prison riot took place on June 28, 2022 At least 52 inmates were killed and another 26 were injured on Tuesday after a fire broke out during a prison riot in southwestern Colombia, the national prisons agency said. The tragedy occurred when rioting detainees set fire to … Read more

Indigenous Protest Leaders Agree to Talk to Ecuador Government | Protest news

Negotiations began as demonstrations against rising cost of living paralyzed parts of the South American country. The indigenous organization leading the protests in Ecuador has agreed to hold talks with the government, as the South American nation has been rocked by mass demonstrations over the past two weeks. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador … Read more

Ecuador raises emergency; starts conversations with indigenous protesters | News

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso lifted the state of emergency imposed in six provinces amid mass protests by indigenous groups, as lawmakers began to hear an opposition motion to remove him from office. Lasso’s decision on Saturday followed the first official talks between government officials and Ecuador’s largest indigenous organization, which began protests two weeks ago … Read more

Ecuador government lifts state of emergency amid protests

Quito, Ecuador — Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso on Saturday lifted the state of emergency he had imposed in six provinces amid an indigenous-led strike, a surprising move that came as lawmakers in the National Assembly heard an opposition petition to remove him from office. . The decision to end the state of emergency came after … Read more

Ecuador’s president faces overthrow vote as fuel price protests enter day 13

Ecuador’s National Assembly began a no-confidence hearing for President Guillermo Lasso on Saturday, nearly two weeks after sometimes violent protests across the country led by indigenous groups against rising fuel prices and the cost of living. Opposition lawmakers convened a parliamentary session on what they say is Lasso’s role in the “serious political crisis and … Read more

Protesters in Ecuador attack military and police convoy

Quito, Ecuador — Ecuadorian authorities on Friday accused a crowd of attacking a military and police convoy, seriously injuring 17 soldiers and setting fire to three trucks near the country’s capital, where indigenous protesters blocking roads paralyzed the city. Army General Edwin Adatty, commander of the Quito task force, said protesters fired rifles and fireworks … Read more

Government and protesters do not approach 12th day of fuel price revolt

Ecuador’s government and indigenous protesters accused each other of intransigence on Friday as thousands gathered for the 12th day of a fuel price revolt that claimed six lives and injured dozens. After the campaign’s most violent day yet – with police firing tear gas to disperse thousands of people who stormed Congress – the government … Read more