Baltimore linebacker Jaylon Ferguson dies as the year of terror continues for the NFL

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson has died at age 26. Key points: Jaylon Ferguson played three seasons in Baltimore after setting a college football sack record Tony Siragusa, Super Bowl winner for Baltimore, died on the same day The NFL has seen several high-profile deaths in the last 12 months, including Marion Barber and Demaryius … Read more

Adelaide AFL player Paul Seedsman accepts ongoing concussion symptoms could be career-ending

When Adelaide Crows winger Paul Seedsman suffered a concussion during a training session last year, he had hoped to be back on the field much sooner. Key points: Seedsman suffered a concussion in training in December last year He says he’s still dealing with ongoing symptoms. He is hopeful of returning to the AFL, but … Read more

Adelaide Crows triumph over adversity in AFLW, but a complete reset is needed after the league’s most-difficult season yet

“We did it,” cried a jubilant Ebony Marinoff to Erin Phillips. “We’ve got three, baby, we’ve got three”. loading After six seasons of the national AFL women’s competition, there have been five grand finals. The Adelaide Crows have made four, and won three. Such a record means this team will deservedly go down in history … Read more