Canada Denies Access to Sino-Canadian Tycoon Trial | Business and Economy

Billionaire Xiao Jianhua has not been seen in public since he disappeared from a luxury hotel in Hong Kong in January 2017. Chinese authorities have barred Canadian diplomats from attending the trial of a Sino-Canadian tycoon who disappeared from Hong Kong five years ago, the Canadian government said on Tuesday. Xiao Jianhua disappeared from Hong … Read more

‘Scariest Floods’ Force More Evacuations in Sydney, Australia | flood news

Thousands of people in Sydney, Australia, were told to evacuate their homes as torrential rains continued to hit the country’s east coast, worsening the crisis in a city that has experienced at least three flood emergencies in a year and a half. About 50,000 residents in the state of New South Wales (NSW), mostly in … Read more

Why we need a safe digital space for LGBTQ youth Asian teen thoughts — global issues

Students from a GSA based primarily in Gyeonggi-do have a Lesbian Visibility Week meeting to discuss the role of GSAs in creating a community of support for LGBTQ people. Opinion by Chaeeun Shin – Junwoo Na – Minchae Kang (Seoul and Nonthaburi, Thailand) Monday, July 04, 2022 Press Service Seoul and Nonthaburi, Thailand, July 4 … Read more

Papua New Guinea starts voting in major elections | News

Voters in Papua New Guinea are heading to the polls to vote on the first day of voting in the country’s national elections. About 10,000 police, military and prison guards were mobilized for Monday’s vote. Australia has also deployed 130 troops with transport aircraft to help ensure the lengthy voting process across the country of … Read more

‘Devastating’: Thousands of people to be evacuated from Sydney floods | flood news

Heavy rains continue to hit New South Wales, Australia, threatening to submerge areas that have already experienced several flooding events this year. Australia’s emergency services have issued new evacuation orders for tens of thousands of people in the country’s largest city, Sydney. The order on Monday came as the Bureau of Meteorology warned that an … Read more

Life-threatening floods force evacuation in Sydney, Australia | News about the climate crisis

Thousands of residents in Sydney’s suburbs are forced to evacuate amid torrential rains and the threat of flash floods. Thousands of residents have been ordered to evacuate southwest Sydney, Australia’s largest city, with torrential rains and damaging winds hitting the east coast and flooding expected to be worse than what hit the region last year. … Read more

Asian Stocks Wary of Falling Wall St Futures | financial markets

Asian equity markets started cautiously on Monday, with a series of weak US data suggesting downside risks to this week’s June payrolls report, while the buzz about a possible recession was still fueling a rally of relief in the US. government bonds. The quest for safety has kept the US dollar near 20-year highs, although … Read more

China hit by first typhoon Chaba of year, record rain forecast | weather news

Meteorologists warn of record rains and a high risk of disaster in provinces like Guangdong, the country’s most populous. China’s first typhoon of the year brought gales and rain to the south coast, as meteorologists warn of record rains and high risk of disaster in provinces like Guangdong, the country’s most populous. Typhoon Chaba, the … Read more

In Afghanistan, women take their lives out of desperation, hears Human Rights Council — Global Issues

This comes as the main UN rights forum in Geneva agreed to a request by member states for a rare urgent debate on the issue on Friday. Addressing the Council, Fawzia Koofi, former vice-president of the Afghan Parliament, said that lack of opportunity and poor mental health were taking a terrible toll: “Every day there … Read more

What’s in store for the Philippines after Marcos’ victory? | Television programs

video duration 24 minutes 50 seconds 24:50 From: internal history Ferdinand Marcos Jr. won the presidency more than 30 years after his father was removed from power. Ferdinand Marcos Junior was sworn in as President of the Philippines. His father was controversial leader Ferdinand Marcos Senior, who was forced out of office in a 1986 … Read more