St John WA warns Perth residents of more ambulance delays

Residents of Perth are being warned that there will likely be delays in ambulances responding to emergency calls for the second time in a week.

St John WA issued an “extremely high demand” public alert impacting response times just before 3:30pm Sunday.

“St John is about to alert the public via social media messages that the service is facing extremely high demand for ambulances in the Perth metropolitan area,” St John said in a statement.

“There is likely to be a delay on an ambulance reaching people calling Triple Zero.

“While we appreciate that there is a high level of interest in this message, our priority is to meet patient demand during this time.

The ambulance provider issued a similar alert late Monday afternoon, which remained in place for 13 hours until early Tuesday morning.

St John said the latest warning came as the nonprofit struggled with high levels of absenteeism caused by COVID.

“We are currently experiencing a 20% crew shortage and sporadic high call volumes at the State Operations Center,” St John’s statement said.

“There are currently 30 ambulance paramedics who are on COVID leave today and 18 tonight.”

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