Sir Keir Starmer pulls out of planned event days after ‘beergate’ investigation reopens

On Sunday, Lisa Nandy declined seven times to say whether she thought the labor leader should resign if he is fined for violating lockdown rules.

The Shadow Leveling Secretary, who ran against Sir Keir in 2020 for party leadership, also refused to rule out a leadership offer if he resigned.

“He’s Mr Rules. He doesn’t break the rules,” Nandy told Sky News.

“He was the director of the Public Ministry, not someone who goes around ripping rules when it suits him.”

Sir Keir was, however, supported by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who became one of the first politicians to say that the Labor leader should not resign if he was fined by Durham Police.

The Brexit opportunities minister said the beer and curry incident in Durham was “in the same serious category” as the “partygate” dispute, which he described as “fluff”.

“I think he should pay a fine and then talk about matters of great importance to the nation,” he told Channel 4 on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, Dominic Raab said it was “two standards” for Sir Keir to ask for the Prime Minister’s resignation as he is under police investigation, while refusing to do so himself.

“He needs to confess and answer for all the holes in his account,” the attorney general told Sky News.

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