‘ShutDownDC’ Attempt Planned ‘Blockdown’ of SCOTUS Ahead of Possible Abortion Decision

ShutDownDC, a left-wing activist group, plans to “block” the US Supreme Court ahead of its possible decision to overturn Roe v. wade on Monday.

“These unelected extremists [U.S. Supreme Court justices] are trying to steal our rights and make us backtrack on issue after issue – abortion, guns, environment, due process, etc. [sic]. They are illegitimate and people say no,” the group said in a tweet on Sunday.

According to the organization’s website, “We are in a crisis of democracy… Times of crisis can be opportunities to break through inertia and gain transformational change, or they can be opportunities for the establishment to further consolidate the status quo.”

“On June 13, one of the 2022 Supreme Court ruling days, we plan to block the streets around the Supreme Court to stand up for the transformative change our communities need,” the event description continues.

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