Sexual Plague Deputies Named in Shame Dossier Drafted by Fed up Commons Officials

The sexual pests lawmakers were named in a dossier of shame drawn up by fed up Commons officials.

Advisers who were the target of inappropriate advances circulated a list to alert colleagues.

Sexual pest deputies identified in dossier of shame prepared by fed up Commons officials


Sexual pest deputies identified in dossier of shame prepared by fed up Commons officialsCredit: Getty

They identified at least 25 serial criminals and warned other officers to be on the lookout and avoid being alone with them.

The list details came after revelations that three Cabinet ministers and two shadow cabinet members were reported to the parliamentary watchdog body set up to investigate complaints and grievances.

The team has since shared their experiences in a WhatsApp group that has been described as “shocking and depressing”.

An employee who complained of constant harassment by an MP was advised by colleagues to report him to the police.

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The clerk said he touched her and made lewd suggestions so often that she was afraid of being left in the office alone with him.


An employee told her: “He is clearly behaving in a threatening manner and could be guilty of harassment. You must take him to the police.”

One complained about a lawmaker who always looks at her breasts when in an elevator – and another accused one of being “sensitive” by standing behind her at the Commons bar.

An aide who appeared at her desk in high boots says her lawmaker suggested she might be “eccentric.”

One congresswoman recounted how a colleague pointed to the tie on her dress and asked, “What happens if I undo it?”

But the behavior is not limited to sexual harassment. In another case, a parliamentary aide claimed that a member of parliament had offered her a large pay raise – financed by taxpayers – on the condition that she would give him a slice.

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes, who chairs the Commons women and equality committee, said: “It is time for change in the House of Commons. For too long, the women who work here in many capacities have had to put up with the persistently lurid, sexist and inappropriate behavior of an arrogant minority of men.

“Hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear another example of such unacceptable behavior.


“That’s enough. We need a more robust system to deal with the threats in our midst and tougher sanctions for those who cross the line.”

Former Health Minister Lord Bethell admitted that he often intervened after witnessing inappropriate behavior in Parliament.

He said: “I saw things that made me go to people and warn them. I saw things that made me sick to the pit of my stomach and, in any normal workplace, led to a person being kicked out of that role.”

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Former Women’s Minister Anne Milton said the “laddish” culture was fueled by a “toxic mixture of alcohol and testosterone”.

She added: “It’s all shocking and depressing and it feels like it’s gotten worse. There are many men showing up at press conferences in high-visibility jackets, referencing rugby scrums. It all seems very childish.”

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