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Grainy footage shared on social media showed a Russian helicopter being destroyed in a Ukrainian drone strike on Cobra Island in the Black Sea, with no word on survivors.

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Shocking drone footage shows the moment a Russian helicopter is launched from the sky by a Ukrainian missile.

Black and white footage, shared on social media, shows the Mi-8 helicopter unloading troops on Cobras Island before an explosion rocks the camera.

Smoke is then seen coming out of the explosion scene.

The short video is undated and it is unclear how many casualties were caused by the devastating attack.

Yesterday Ukraine released another video claiming to show a military drone hit on a Russian landing ship delivering a TOR anti-aircraft missile system to Snake Island.

The footage appears to show the destruction of a large Serna-type landing craft in an air raid.

The footage showed the helicopter with troops moving around the aircraft.



Ukrainian officer Anton Gerashchenko said: “The remaining enemy units on Cobra Island remain without air cover and will be destroyed and burned like cockroaches or locusts.

Other reports said the landing craft was hit by a Bayraktar TB2 Ukrainian military drone.

Video coverage of the attack on the vessel was not dated in the images.

After the attack, people were seen moving around on the ship.

After a few moments a big explosion is shown



The Serna class – Russian designation Project 11770 – is a type of “air cavity” designed landing craft built for the Russian Navy.

Meanwhile, other footage showed the chilling moment when a bomb from a Ukrainian drone was dropped through the sunroof of one. Russian vehicle, before exploding, sending smoke out of the car.

The harrowing footage was filmed from the drone’s perspective as Russian soldiers crowd around the car.

Not far from the car are the destroyed remains of a building, and the country road around them is littered with debris.

As one Russian troop dives into the car, another runs towards the destroyed building and jumps too.

Zooms out showing the resulting explosion on the small Serpent Isle



The bomb dropped from the drone as the third Russian runs around the back of the car and reverses a little, positioning himself perfectly so the bomb drops through the sunroof.

At the start of the invasion in February, the tiny Black Sea Snake Island hit the headlines when 13 Ukrainians told a Russian warship to “f*** you”.

Rumors suggested at the time that the troops were killed in the air and sea bombardment before the Ukrainian Navy confirmed they were alive.

On a Facebook Post that the Navy wrote: “Regarding the Marines and Border Guards on Snake Island… we are delighted to hear that our brothers are alive and well.

“They were illegally captured by the Russians. The illegal capture of a civilian ship – a non-combatant without carrying out any military mission, is a violation of the rules and customs of war, of international humanitarian law.

“We demand from Russia the immediate release of illegally occupied citizens Ukraine .

“We address the world community, believers of all churches, asking them to take all possible measures to influence the Russian Federation for the return of our citizens.

“The sailors twice bravely rebuked the attacks of the Russian invaders.”

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