Russia will attack LONDON first when World War III breaks out as Putin ally reveals Moscow’s daunting plan to conquer Europe

A CLOSE Putin ally and reservist general has called for London to be bombed first when World War III breaks out.

Deputy Andrey Gurulyov, 54, a member of the Russian parliament’s defense committee, also called for the Russians to invade NATO countries in the Baltic.

Putin ally Andrey Gurulyov has revealed his strategy to strike first in the event of nuclear war


Putin ally Andrey Gurulyov has revealed his strategy to strike first in the event of nuclear warCredit: East2West
He told state TV that Russia should invade the Baltic nations to secure supplies for Kaliningrad.


He told state TV that Russia should invade the Baltic nations to secure supplies for Kaliningrad.Credit: East2West

On State TV Channel 1, he said there was no other way to stop the West from blocking the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Such an invasion would trigger NATO’s clause five on mutual protection and potentially trigger full-scale conflict.

“We will destroy the entire group of enemy space satellites during the first air operation,” said Lieutenant General Gurulyov, a senior commander representing the main pro-Putin United Russia party.

“No one will care if they are American or British, we would all see them as NATO.

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“Second, we will mitigate the entire missile defense system, everywhere and 100%.

“Third, we will certainly not depart from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin.

“The first to be hit will be London.

“It is clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons.”

Like other Moscow radicals, he believes that the West – especially in continental Europe – has no stomach for real war.

He continued: “As part of the operation to destroy critically important sites, Western Europe will be cut off from power supplies and immobilized.

“All power supply sites will be destroyed.

“And in the third stage, I will see what the US will say to Western Europe about continuing its struggle in the cold, without food and electricity.

“I wonder how they (the US) are going to be able to stand aside.

“This is the close-up, and I deliberately leave out certain moments because they shouldn’t be discussed on TV.”

Invasion plans

The general rejected plans advocated by other Russian experts to snatch a corridor through Lithuania from Belarus.

The objective is to supply the enclave of Kaliningrad, on the Baltic Sea, which lies between the NATO states, Poland and Lithuania.

Lithuania blocked rail freight last week, insisting it must comply with international sanctions, but it drew fury in Moscow.

Lieutenant General Gurulyov claimed that the so-called Suvalkovsky Corridor plan is a Western trap.

“If you look at the map, it would be a big mistake on our side to make the corridor just to finish off the NATO troops on the right and left,” he said.

“And we also need to attract Belarus to this. Let’s look at the map.”

His favorite strategy is to take control of Lithuania and the Baltic countries, Latvia and Estonia. They were part of the Russian empire and broke free from the USSR three decades ago.

He told state TV: “We calmly….turned Vilnius back into [former name] Vilno, remember what Reval is [the tsarist  name for Tallinn]and clear the Baltic’s right flank, so we don’t worry about getting hit from the back.

“From a military point of view it is impossible to get a clear corridor [through Lithuania].

“But if the West decides to blockade the Kaliningrad region, the decision will be made to carry out a strategic operation to unblock it.

“But as a military man, I clearly understand that no one will bother to just do a runner.

“If we start working, we will work correctly.

“Everything will be clean, because why leave the enemies behind?”

Gurulyov is a former deputy commander of the southern Russian military district and served with Russian forces in Syria.

He was sanctioned by the US for his close ties to Putin.

In February, he was reportedly heard on an intercepted call ordering his subordinates to burn down the homes of Ukrainians after throwing families into the street.

Such an action would be a war crime.

Earlier this week, another retired general warned that NATO was “playing with fire” and threatened to take Britain off the map.

Evgeny Buzhinsky attacked British commander Sir Patrick Sanders, who issued an appeal to troops to prepare to defeat Russian forces in World War III.

“He doesn’t understand that as a result of World War III, Britain will physically cease to exist,” Putin’s ally said.

Amid simmering tensions, Vladimir Putin boasted this week that Russian forces are receiving high-tech S-500 Prometheus missile systems.

And he also warned that the devastating Satan-2 nuclear ICBMs will be operational by the end of the year.

Sweden and Finland signed up to join NATO over fears of Russian aggression after the massacre in Ukraine.

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Earlier this month, they joined NATO troops rehearsing for an invasion.

Putin retaliated by staging massive war games in the Baltic in a dramatic show of force.

Russia's Sarmat ICBM - dubbed Satan 2 - will be operational this year, Putin promised


Russia’s Sarmat ICBM – dubbed Satan 2 – will be operational this year, Putin promisedCredit: EPA

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