Russia uses bloodthirsty scorched earth policy to wipe our city off the map, says Ukrainian commander

A HERO leading the defense of a Ukrainian hell city told of the ordeal of his troops fighting Russians who have up to 50 times their firepower.

Commander Petro Kuzyk said Vladimir Putin’s invaders are employing a scorched-earth policy to level towns and cities before taking them.

Ukrainian commander Petro Kuzyk says Russians have 50 times more firepower


Ukrainian commander Petro Kuzyk says Russians have 50 times more firepowerCredit: Telegram
Ukrainian cities and towns are being wiped off the map


Ukrainian cities and towns are being wiped off the mapcredit: Reuters

The embattled army chief begged for Western weapons to stem the tide of the tyrant as he prepared to be surrounded in Severodonetsk.

Commander Kuzyk, who leads a National Guard battalion defending the city in eastern Luhansk, said his artillery shells were running low.

After retreating from the destroyed city of Rubizhne nearby to defend the strategically vital pocket of territory, he described the enormous task facing the defenders.

Up to 500 Russian shells per hour were raining down on their positions.

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When the explosions rocked his bunker, he said: “We have information that huge columns of tanks are moving towards Severodonetsk.

“This tactic has been tested, it does them no good, but thanks to the massive bombing, they can advance – because they are destroying positions, trenches and buildings step by step.

“They didn’t capture Rubizhne – they wiped him off the face of the earth.”

Its supporters were still killing and driving out Russians whose commanders, believed to be following Putin’s direct orders, use murderous tactics.

But he pleaded: “We are catastrophically short of artillery systems, accurate counter-battery systems that destroy enemy artillery from long range.

“We don’t have enough multi-launch rocket systems to hit the target.

“We need to more or less close the sky – these are serious air defense systems or fighter planes. To give you an idea of ​​the ratio – in our single projectile, they produce an average of 20 to 50.”

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He added: “It is wrong to rely solely on the heroism of soldiers. They are heroes anyway, they have surpassed any NATO standard. NATO soldiers cannot be compared to ours.

“But they must at least be protected and supported.”

Missiles are vital

The West must send more missile systems to Ukraine, warned Boris Johnson yesterday.

The prime minister said that Russia was “chewing ground” in the Donbas region.

Ukrainian forces needed multiple rocket launch systems to defend against bombing.

He added that Russia’s attack “continues to make gradual, slow progress, but I fear it is palpable.”

But Johnson dismissed hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough.

Brave Ukrainian defenders are asking for extra firepower


Brave Ukrainian defenders are asking for extra firepowercredit: Reuters
Vladimir Putin's Cruel Policy Is Destroying Ukraine


Vladimir Putin’s Cruel Policy Is Destroying UkraineCredit: AP

Invaders lose 46th colonel

RUSSIA lost its 46th colonel from the conflict.

Reservist Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kalnitsky, 60, suffered fatal shrapnel wounds while leading Cossack fighters.

Photos show his funeral in the village of Novopokrovskaya, Krasnodar.
One source said he was deputy chief of staff for the Kuban Cossacks.

He participated in the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and in Soviet times graduated from an anti-aircraft missile engineering school in Kyiv.

His death follows that of two veteran pilots.

Major General Kanamat Botashev, 63, was killed while piloting a Su-25.

And Nikolai Markov, 63 – the 45th colonel known to have died – was shot down in Luhansk.

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