Redlands Mayor Karen Williams crashes car ‘after drinking several glasses of wine’

Redlands City Council Mayor Karen Williams admitted to driving after drinking “several glasses of wine” on Thursday night.

ABC understands Williams was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after her car crashed that night.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said investigations continued into an accident in which a pickup truck “went off the road and hit a tree” at the intersection of Queen and Wellington streets in Cleveland around 9pm on Thursday.

“The driver, a 55-year-old female, suffered minor injuries and was transported to hospital for treatment,” the spokesperson said.

Police said no one else was injured in the accident and that investigations were continuing.

Earlier in the day, the Redlands City Council budget for 2022-23 was delivered.

‘I am deeply sorry for my actions’

In a statement provided to ABC, Williams said he “made a serious error in judgment and drove after drinking several glasses of wine.”

“I am deeply sorry for my actions and am incredibly grateful that no one else was involved or hurt,” Williams said.

“I will seek advice and will continue to assist the police in their investigations.”

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