Reader’s Letter: Extending ER clinic hours would help ER wait times

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I am a retired nurse and I have a solution to some of the emergency problems in our hospitals.

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Why aren’t urgent care clinics open 24 hours a day in this city?

Local ERs are often overcrowded with non-emergency cases. We all know that children often get sick at night or during the night. They end up being taken to the ER with a high fever, rash, sore throat, etc. They could easily be seen at a clinic.

These clinics may be run by nurses who may order medications, antibiotics or X-rays.

Local ERs would then be able to better handle real emergencies – heart attacks, accidents, overdoses – with long wait times alleviated.

Instead, these urgent care clinics close at 6pm and don’t open again until 8am or 9am, which makes no sense to me. Children could be attended to more quickly and parents would not have to wait hours.

Hopefully there is some way to consider this solution to help resolve the issue and not just be ignored.

Jeannette Byrne, Windsor

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