RCMP encourages the use of tamper-proof license plate screws to deter theft

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Mounts are encouraging drivers to apply tamper-proof screws and bolts to their plates to prevent thieves from removing them.

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The screws and locking dowel set help prevent easy removal of the plates, securing the plate to the vehicle and require a specific type of screwdriver or multipurpose tool to remove.

Police say criminals can swap license plates with simple tools as a way to prevent police from identifying a vehicle.

“Often when we have an incident and a license plate is obtained… often those plates do not match the vehicle described because they were switched,” St. Albert RCMP Const. MJ Burrows.

Burroughs says drivers often don’t realize their license plates have been taken.

“A lot of people just jump in the driver’s seat and drive away now,” she said.

“Few people will do an entire hike like we learned in driver education.”

to St. Albert Mounties, along with St. Albert Neighborhood Watch hosted an event on Saturday where anyone who wanted the screws and bolts safe could get them for free.

“It’s not a 100 percent guarantee that your card won’t be stolen,” Burroughs said.

“But it’s a deterrent like other types of anti-theft devices.”

Edmontonians can report a stolen license plate by contacting EPS at 780-423-4567 or in person at a police station.

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