Rare alignment of five planets to dazzle in the sky – NBC Los Angeles

Start your early Friday morning by looking up to the sky as five planets line up in a rare celestial show.

Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn are expected to be in perfect alignment from the morning of June 23 to June 24.

The last time the planets were aligned this way was in 2004. They won’t align like this again until 2040, so it might be worth taking a look at the rare event.

The alignment started earlier in the month but will be more attractive on June 23rd as the crescent moon will join the lineup.

While it is not uncommon for alignments to happen, this type of alignment is rare because these planets will also be in their natural order from the sun.

Here is the order in which the planets will appear:

  • Saturn will be the first to rise above the horizon before midnight.
  • Jupiter will follow, arriving around 1:30 am
  • Next is Mars, which will rise before 2:00 am
  • Venus will make its appearance around 3:30 am
  • Mercury will be the last planet to join about 30 to 40 minutes before sunrise.

The planets will be visible to the naked eye – if the clouds cooperate. At SoCal, the sky is expected to be clear on Thursday through Friday morning.

The best time to see the full alignment for those in the Northern Hemisphere will be between 3:39 AM and sunrise at 4:43 AM. Leave about 30 minutes before sunrise and find a spot with unobstructed views of the eastern and southeastern horizons.

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