Questions and Answers… Information You Should Know About Monkey Smallpox

The Dubai Health Authority has issued a monkeypox awareness guide with the aim of clarifying all information related to the disease, its patients, contacts and the possibility of preventing the disease.

In its guideline, the municipality made a point of answering the most common questions about the disease, and the procedures and protocols adopted in case of infection, and were as follows:

Does being in quarantine mean I’m infected?

Quarantine is a precaution, but it does not necessarily mean that you are infected with the virus, and it is a necessary measure to ensure that you do not get infected and to reduce transmission of the virus to others in the event of infection.

I had one of the symptoms during the quarantine period at home, what is the next necessary step?

Going to the nearest health centre, before leaving home for the consultation, you should follow the precautionary measures and make sure you do not come into contact with other people and make sure you wash your hands regularly or sterilize them as well like making sure to wear covered clothing like long sleeves, pants and gloves to avoid and reduce pollution.

If I had chickenpox when I was young, is there a chance of getting chickenpox?

There is a difference between the chickenpox virus and chickenpox in that having chickenpox does not confer immunity to the chickenpox virus.

Are there any medications I can take to protect myself from getting sick?

There are no specific medications or vitamins that you must take to protect yourself from infection with the virus, it is recommended to follow prevention and safety measures, in addition to following a healthy lifestyle and eating and drinking sufficient amounts of water.

Does a rash develop in all cases of monkeypox? If so, will the rash disappear completely or will it leave marks?

The rash is one of the main symptoms of monkeypox, and the shape of the rash changes over the course of the disease until it shrinks and disappears, and the skin cells are renewed again, which can leave traces on the skin.

A patient with suspicious symptoms, where can he go? Does he go to authority health centers or hospitals? Or go to the emergency room, or to the care of a doctor for every citizen?

Please visit the nearest health center or hospital

Which group is most vulnerable to smallpox in the community? What is the probability of contracting the disease from humans?

Healthcare professionals, people who are in close contact with the patient and those responsible for their care, and the disease is transmitted from person to person “relatively” through close contact with respiratory secretions, lesions on the skin of an infected person, or contaminated tools and surfaces.

How dangerous is the disease and its impact on an individual’s health?

The risk of infection or disease outbreak is small, as it requires close contact with the infected person or contaminated instruments, and the disease is self-limiting with symptoms lasting 2 to 4 weeks, and supportive care and symptomatic treatment remain the main form. to deal with the disease, health officials in the UAE are currently studying and assessing the situation.

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