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US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff detailed the roughly three-hour discussion that members of the Congressional delegation in Kiev had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday and said he thinks “it’s just a matter of time” before US President Joe Biden visits Ukraine.

Schiff said the meeting with Zelenskyy focused on what his priorities are for more assistance, especially as the Ukrainians enter a new phase of the war with more concentrated fighting in the eastern part of the country. Delegation members later relayed information to Biden about the call, Schiff said, and made recommendations to the president.

Asked what Zelenskyy thought of the $33 billion price Biden requested in his request for supplemental Ukraine aid to Congress, Schiff said: “It’s your job to say that nothing is enough and, you know, we understand that, we respect that. However, I think he’s very grateful for what we’re doing.”

“We wanted to discuss with him, within this really vast amount, what the priority is in terms of what weapons he needs, what other assistance he needs,” Schiff said. “We went through a detailed discussion of the next phase of the war. It’s going from a phase where the Ukrainians were ambushing Russian tanks – it was close-quarters combat – to fighting more from a distance using long-range artillery, and that changes the nature of what Ukraine needs to defend itself.”

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