Police ask public for help finding French Bulldog stolen from Wilmington owner’s backyard

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a French Bulldog that was stolen from the front yard of a Wilmington home this week.

The dog, King, was removed from the yard on the 700th block of C Street on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement. Upon realizing the dog was missing, its owner checked her home’s security video, which showed a man climbing over the fence, grabbing King and fleeing on a skateboard, police said.

Detectives arrested the man less than 24 hours later, but he said he had already sold King for $20, investigators said. The man said he approached someone in the parking lot of a hardware store and said he had found the dog but was unable to give him a good home, police said.

King had not been located until Saturday afternoon, said Los Angeles Police spokesman Matthew Cruz.

Authorities said the person who bought the dog did not commit a crime but was urged to come forward and return it as the animal’s owner is devastated.

“Just seeing his kennel, his bed… and even waking up this morning and he wasn’t there,” owner Jody Martinez told KCBS-TV, who posted the video of the robbery. Martinez said he helped raise the 1-year-old dog and had him since he was a puppy. She said she had the front door open just a crack and King walked out for a brief moment before she realized it.

“Just let him back,” she begged.

Anyone with information should call LAPD Officer Davenport at (310) 726-7845 during business hours or LAPD Harbor Station at (310) 726-7701 at any time.

Reports of French Bulldog thefts have been on the rise in the Los Angeles area in recent years. Popular pets are expensive and in high demand.

In a high-profile case last February, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot in the chest and two of her three French Bulldogs were stolen. The dogs were eventually returned to the musician. The dog walker survived, although his accused abuser was mistakenly released from custody earlier this month.

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