Pilot attacked while trying to separate British passengers in a fight

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A pair of drunk Brits were filmed punching other passengers on a plane after spending eight hours on a binge.

Two men in their mid-30s from Bermondsey, south London, were being ‘abusive and loud’ before the WhizzAir flight from Gatwick at 6pm on Tuesday took off.

They had been bragging about drinking at the airport since 10 am, according to passengers.

When a friend joined them with a liter of vodka, the pair’s behavior on the flight to Crete soon intensified.

One of the men started off by sitting in someone else’s seat and then told them, ‘Fuck your ***’, when asked.

One passenger told the Sun: “They were targeting everyone and telling people, ‘When we get off this plane, I’m going to crush you. They were smoking cigarettes and vaping during the flight.

The men continued drinking throughout the trip and things ended up ‘beginning’ when a flight attendant told them that the police would escort them off the plane once they landed in Greece.

Chaotic passengers on the plane.

Witnesses said the fight broke out after the men were told police would escort them off the plane in Greece (Photo: Harrison Stanners/Snapchat)

Passengers in chaos on WizzAir flight.

The men caused ‘total chaos’ when they started ‘throwing punches’ at everyone around them (Photo: Snapchat/Harrison Stanners)

The footage shows the moment a fight broke out, causing “complete and utter chaos” on board.

The men seem to start punching people as a group of other male passengers try to hold them back.

The pilot left the cockpit to try to calm things down, but passengers say even he was hit.

Eventually, the police dragged the main culprit off the plane – who was covered in blood with his pants around his ankles.

But the effects of the men’s stupidity continued to ruin other passengers’ journeys long after they had departed.

Passengers took two hours to get through security and give statements to the police, meaning many people missed their airport transfers and were stranded after midnight.

By the time the plane’s crew had handled everything, they had worked too many hours to legally make another flight.

So the plane’s return flight to the UK was cancelled, leaving Britons waiting to return home for 24 hours.

Explaining the delays on flight W95742, WizzAir said: “The cabin crew handled the situation as they are trained to do and reported the incident to the respective authorities, who arrested the passenger on arrival.

“Wizz Air sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused, but the safety of passengers and crew is the airline’s number one priority.”

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