Patrick Kielty has already set the record for ‘fastest recorded speed on Northern Ireland road’

Comedian Patrick Kielty has revealed he has already set a record for committing the worst speeding offense in Northern Ireland.

It’s after he was caught driving at 132 mph on a road in Belfast in the 1990s – nearly double the speed limit.

The Co Down man told the story of his escape in an Alfa Romeo GTV on the Adrian Flux ‘Fueling Around’ podcast.

He said: “I ended up getting caught doing the fastest recorded speed on a Northern Ireland road which, at that time, was 132 (mph) I think. That must have been 25 years ago. fire in Northern Ireland.”

There were a lot of cases in the courts at the time, and in terms of priorities, “speeding up kind of wasn’t,” he said.

He had just bought a new car and was excited to come across a stretch of road, he added.

“It was a beautiful summer night. It was about eight o’clock, there just wasn’t a car on the highway. Coming out of Belfast, I just turned the corner and there was nothing there.

“I had a straight ahead of me and I kept putting my foot down. I didn’t really know how fast the car was and all of a sudden I looked up and said ‘wow, wow’. There was a car behind me and I’m thinking ‘Wow, wow’ what is he doing? He must want a race.’

“Turns out it was an unmarked police car. The idea of ​​stupidity, new car and speed; it was a heavy, heavy ticket and I almost got away with the books. A lesson learned guys, a lesson learned,” he said.

It would not be the last time, however, that Mr. Kielty would be caught speeding.

Police later recorded him speeding 163 km/h in Scotland in 2008. Kielty was forced to write a letter to the Stranraer Sheriff’s Court admitting he was traveling 66 km/h over the speed limit on a known stretch. such as A75 Gretna-Stranraer Road, in Dumfries and Galloway.

He was later fined £1,200 and given six penalty points, but was not put off the roads.

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