Partner ignored by family wonders why

Dear Amy: I am 35; my “fiancé” is 40.

We’ve been engaged for 11 years.

My question is NOT about why we don’t get married.

I’m wondering why your father didn’t make any attempt to make me feel welcome, even after so many years together.

Almost every weekend, his father comes to pick up my fiancé. They then head back to their father’s house to spend most of the day.

Even the simplest greetings are met with blank stares. He completely ignores my presence!

Amy, I can’t even get a hello from the man.

My partner always says, “Just give him time.” Then he changes the subject.

My family has gone out of their way to make my partner feel welcome because they know I love him and he is a part of my life.

I just don’t understand why he didn’t do anything to remedy the situation. Or why I couldn’t come up with a valid reason for his father’s choice to completely alienate me, even though he had welcomed his brother’s psychopathic girlfriend into their lives with open arms.

Am I wrong for wanting to be accepted by his family?

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