Pancreatic cancer symptoms: pain usually appears in the back and belly

As with any cancer, early diagnosis is usually associated with a greater chance of successfully fighting the disease. While pancreatic cancer often doesn’t show early signs, knowing what to look for can still help.

The American Cancer Society explains that symptoms usually appear when the cancer has grown too large or has spread outside the pancreas.

Two places where symptoms can appear are the back and belly.

Pain in these two areas is considered a “common” sign of pancreatic cancer.

The health organization explains: “Cancers that start in the body or tail of the pancreas can grow large and start pressing on other nearby organs, causing pain.

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“Cancer can also spread to the nerves around the pancreas, which often causes back pain.”

This sign is usually associated with a cancer that has spread.

The NHS explains that one way to detect this cancer pain involves eating, lying down and leaning forward.

The health service shares that pancreatic cancer pain can get worse when you eat or lie down. However, it can be made easier by leaning forward.


The health service explains that you can get used to these signs, but it still needs to be checked.

They explain that a visit to the GP is especially crucial if your symptoms change, get worse, or don’t seem normal to you.

The doctor may feel your belly or perform tests, including blood and pee samples.

You may also be referred to a specialist for further testing, the NHS adds.

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