Outdoor Families: First 100 Applicants Receive Licenses for Calgary’s Urban Chicken Program – Calgary

Soon, 100 Calgary families will be clucking chickens as part of the Urban Hen program.

With more than 200 applicants in less than two months, authorities last week held a random draw to choose which lucky residents will have the opportunity to expand their families. According to city officials, these candidates were notified this week.

“After the board approved the urban chicken program last year, they asked to limit it to 100 families in the first year, and the application period ended last week and we notified the lucky applicants this week,” Jennifer Lawlor, lead Interim Strategy Services with the Calgary Community Standards for the City of Calgary, he said in an interview with 770CHQR on Friday.

“We wanted to ensure that we were choosing people fairly, so we did a random drawing of all applicants who filled out their full application.”

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Lawlor said the city received a total of 204 applications, 134 of which were fully completed and eligible.

However, the city is not taking possession of a chicken lightly. Lawlor noted that residents wanting to add chickens to their families had to go through several steps before being entered into the lottery.

“We asked for a site plan and housing details and also asked them to complete some training related to raising and caring for the chickens,” she said. “This is very important as they knew how to care for the chickens, what to do if they were sick, how to ensure that the chicken coops were built in a way that would prevent predators from accessing them and ensure that they did not disturb the animals. community.”

The 100 residents who will receive these new permits will be the proud owners of up to four chickens, depending on the size of their land.

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“So generally, people will be able to have two to four chickens,” Lawlor said. “You need to have more than one, they need a friend or two.

“There are some cases where people can have more if they have a larger property size in the city.”

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Lawlor added that residents who receive these permits must take specific steps to properly care for their newest additions, including ensuring their chickens have a coop, adequate heat source, adequate ventilation and an outdoor run.

As for what residents can do with their chickens, Ben Lawlor said people are invited to enjoy the perks of owning these backyard animals, including harvesting and selling their eggs.

“If people choose to donate or sell their eggs, they just need to make sure they’re following provincial and federal guidelines for doing so,” she said.

Lawlor added that residents are not allowed to cull their chickens within the city limits.

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A waiting list of any additional applicants was also created through the lottery system. Waitlist applications can be processed in 2022 if those already contacted do not wish to proceed with their licensing, or waitlist applicants will be entered into the 2023 application entry.

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