Ottawa Fire: Fire burns bushes in Cumberland, Ont.

Two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion after fighting a fire in Cumberland.

Emergency crews responded to a fire on Wilhaven Drive, between Becketts Creek Road and Canaan Road, on Saturday afternoon.

“The fire was approximately 3 acres in size when it started,” the Ottawa fire said on Twitter.

“Firefighters controlled the perimeter. You can see all the ash burned on the floor.”

In all, 20 trees had to be cut down due to the fire.

The temperature hit 30.5C on Saturday afternoon in Ottawa, with the humidex making it feel like 35 degrees.

Firefighters say two firefighters were evaluated by paramedics at the scene for heat exhaustion.

“Fighting fires in this heat is extremely dangerous. Proper rehabilitation and hydration are crucial.”

Firefighters battled several fires in Ottawa this week as temperatures reached 30 degrees for three consecutive days.

On Wednesday, firefighters responded to four fires, including one that burned four acres of cornfields on Shea Road.

The Ottawa Fire Service issued an outdoor fire ban on Wednesday.

All outdoor fires are prohibited during a ban, including properties that have an Outdoor Fire Permit. This ban applies to agricultural burns, bush pile burns, as well as open-air fires and wood burning fireplaces. Devices that do not require a license, such as propane, ethanol, and outdoor fireplaces and natural gas grills, are not included in the ban.

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