Once at the station «G.du Nord»

Whenever I get off at the Gare du Nord station in Paris or travel from it, I get a hidden and guarded laugh, which doesn’t let me, and I like to enjoy its moments, that’s what happened once in that station, and when my legendary friend “Najm Abdul Karim” has just turned seventy and says: Is there anything else? He didn’t announce that age explicitly, but the cavalcades began to betray him, and he needed a stick to lean on and crush his sheep with it. as a regular contributor, to overcome your ordeal, without any insult to your dignity and humanity, even if it is with a look of kindness from others. treatment There are those who carry the bags, make it easy to get around the station, go up in private elevators, and bring a wheelchair if needed, and there are those who even lift an umbrella if it is raining, and when they arrive in Paris, they will find the same measures available. at the station. And once… We arranged to meet at the Gare Du Nord station. He was coming from London, and I preceded him to Paris to go just before the hospital closed its doors to see his daughter “the princess” opening her eyes to life, and he rejoiced this time as a father, not as a grandfather, I I was waiting for him at the station Because the weather was cold and rainy, and as usual, a star can call you four times, and call a friend who knows you, because he didn’t find you in the place in his head, and not in the agreed place , that is, he is one of the confused people of life, and because a person the size of a corpse of a star, cannot miss him, and if the eye does not see him, the ear cannot miss him, because his voice is theatrical, and he can’t shut up for five minutes. Pilgrim’s Bags” and a mural-sized personal photograph he admired, which a Filipino artist hurriedly drew for him without regard for human details, and a box that I don’t know exactly what was in it, and what occasion it was. brought to Paris, and bags that looked like in their first form unchosen gifts, so I greeted him with a phrase: “Welcome, Hajj Najm.” I tried as hard as the French could help me find a car that would carry these items. Paris station porters, on the other hand, didn’t profit from fellow immigrants like themselves who make a living transporting passengers illegally, but most of their cars were stolen from Belgium or French narrow cars, used by more than one, and the disabled care associations and the elderly association, with the collaboration of the veterans association, which each of them makes a point of seeing the smile on the faces of the its members, as he made a point of including a “star” in his ranks years ago, and he abstained, although he went through the “middle age of my nation”, until we find a big black car that appears in movies usually during kidnappings and bargains or liquidate opponents..and tomorrow we will continue

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