On Ozone Action Day, doctors say to limit time outdoors

NORTHERN TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Tomorrow is an Ozone Action Day. The DFW is predicted to be at the “orange level”, meaning the air will be unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Local doctors specializing in the respiratory system point out that DFW continues to grow. More cars on the road and more construction led to more air pollution.

“There are studies that have shown that increased pollution leads to increased risks of long-term health consequences, such as increased risk of developing COPD, increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease,” said critical care physician Zachary Dreyfuss of the Methodist Health System.

Dreyfuss said it’s people with chronic health conditions, like asthma or COPD, who can really impact.

“It can certainly trigger your asthma or COPD,” he said. “It will only irritate the lining of the lungs themselves.”

He said the average healthy person doesn’t need to limit their time outdoors.

However, even for healthy people, pollution mixed with allergens can be a bad combination.

“Texas is full of allergens and with everything else in the air, and you get a potent mixture, which can make people feel like they’re more short of breath than usual,” Dreyfuss said.

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