NYC in. Julie Menin Demands MTA Fix Escalator for Second Avenue Subway

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority needs to take action and finally fix a “critical” escalator at a busy Upper East Side subway station that was due to be fixed more than a month ago, a Manhattan politician is demanding.

Councilwoman Julie Menin (D-Manhattan) fired off a letter Saturday to MTA President Janno Lieber, criticizing the agency for failing to deliver on a promise to fix a massive escalator connecting the upper and lower levels of the East 72nd train station. Street Q on Second Avenue.

“Despite being in the top 10% of all stations by ridership and being part of the newest line in the New York City transit system, 72nd Street Station has endemic escalator failures,” Menin wrote to Lieber. “It is unacceptable that a critical escalator at this station has been out of service for nearly three months and that the MTA continues to delay the repair date.

Julie Men
Councilwoman Julie Menin called the broken escalator a “security risk.”
Brigitte Stelzer

The work was due to be completed by March 31 and his office has received many complaints from irate thugs about the stalled project, Menin said.

“This escalator continues to serve as a safety hazard, an accessibility issue, and as a makeshift garbage receptacle.”

The MTA blamed the delays on the unavailability of parts and materials needed to make repairs and estimates the escalator will be back in service on May 8.

“Accessibility within the transit system is a top priority for the MTA, and ensuring that escalators operate safely is an essential part of that mission,” said MTA spokeswoman Meghan Keegan.

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