Nurse earns $13K a month from pictures of her ‘bent’ thumbs

Who has two extraordinarily “curved” thumbs, a camera and is making money? This NICU nurse on TikTok.

Allie Rae, 38, has revealed just how lucrative the flexible thumbs market can be after earning thousands of dollars selling personalized photos and videos of her bizarre stunt.

Rae, a former neonatal intensive care unit nurse, was fired from her job in 2021 after the hospital found her OnlyFans page. That’s when she decided to focus on her high-niche digital venture.

“I quickly started making six figures a month and hit over a million in my first year,” Rae told The Post.

“The thumb business started last month. A guy wrote me because he saw how flexible my thumbs were on mine [Instagram] stories and TikTok. He said he had a huge fetish for thumbs and mine were very rare and flexible,” she said.

Allie Rae in pink top giving the camera thumbs up.
It’s all positive for Rae, who is making money by selling pictures of her thumbs.
Allie Rae
Close Allie Rae's curved thumb.
The married mother of three says taking the pictures is ‘crazy’ but ‘fun’.
Allie Rae

Rae admitted she “didn’t know” her single thumbs were a fetish, so her post about it on TikTok became inadvertent advertising of her talents and prompted other men to message her asking for pictures and videos of her fingers.

“I started getting messages from other thumb lovers across TikTok and then made another $8,000 this month for [pictures] and videos of my thumbs on the wheel, driving, holding things, etc.,” she said.

Screenshot of conversation with a fan.
The nurse says she didn’t know thumbs were a fetish until she got a message about it.
Allie Rae

“In the last 30 days, I made $13,000 from pictures of my thumbs,” she continued. “It’s a really crazy thing, but I think it’s so fun.”

The Florida mom of three has received some crazy fan requests, including a man who allegedly offered her $20,000 for her teeth.

“He wanted molars and my two front teeth,” she recalled.

“He claimed he was a ‘tooth collector’ of many celebrities and models, and was very particular about them being ‘professionally removed’ with care not to damage the teeth during the removal,” she explained.

She gave her order two thumbs down.

“I obviously refused,” Rae said. “But no joke, he was even going to pay for me to put in false teeth afterwards.”

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