NI Seafood Restaurant Must Change Menu After Running Out of Fish Due to ‘Brexit and Rising Costs’

A seafood restaurant in Portstewart has announced that it will change its menu after running out of fish this week.

Active Seafood posted on Twitter saying that “Brexit and the rising cost of fuel for boats” has left them with “minimal seafood options”, estimating that the shortage will last for the next two months.

Writing that the high cost of fuel means it’s “not financially viable” for boats to go out to sea, the north coast restaurant said “this means we’re working one boat a week for white and prime fish.”

“We can still get lobster and mackerel from Portstewart/Portrush and oysters/mussels from Foyle, but other than that we have minimal seafood options. This is estimated to last for the next two months and beyond that, who knows,” they added .

“We don’t want to close down and have an amazing team, so we’re going to improvise our menu with more locally sourced meat and veg dishes and put whatever seafood we can get our hands on, but it doesn’t look great.”

This is not the first instance of a Northern Irish restaurant feeling the strain in the current financial climate.

Earlier this month, bistro Shed in south Belfast also announced that it would be removing steak and salmon from its menu as prices continued to rise, and facilities at another well-known seafood restaurant in Co Down are now down. to rent. said he was taking a ‘short sabbatical’.

Copper Seafood & Grill in Newcastle announced that rising costs are forcing them to close their doors until further notice.

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