News of Gemma Owen’s father rocks the village – all theories on how the news might get out

Gemma Owen is the eldest daughter of famous footballer Michael Owen, who played for Liverpool, Real Madrid and the England national team, but she has yet to reveal her identity to her fellow islanders on the dating show ITV2.

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Love Island: Liam Reacts to Learning Michael Owen Is Gemma’s Father

Love Island’s Gemma Owen has managed to keep the identity of her famous father, former football player Michael Owen, a secret…

The 19-year-old hit the headlines when she made her debut on the dating show ITV2, and immediately hit it off with Welshman Liam Llewellyn, but was snatched away by Italian stallion Davide Sanclimenti.

Liam shocked the village when he decided to leave the show, fearing he couldn’t get along with any of the girls, and during his interview on the Love Island spin-off show Aftersun, he was shocked when host Laura Whitmore revealed the identity of Liam. Gemma’s father.

“I can’t believe who it really was. This is crazy,” Liam said of the former Manchester United player.

Gemma managed to keep her father’s identity a secret



“I am a United fan. I actually have one of his tops when he came to the club. That first night, we were talking about football and his family. I was so close. I can’t believe I didn’t make it,” he explained.

And Gemma almost accidentally blurted out who her father was during a recent conversation with Luca Bish, as he questioned her about who her family would get along with best in the village.

“You, because you like football, you like racing… I think my dad would… I feel like you have things in common,” she stuttered.

She gave hints about her famous father



The Brighton fishmonger then wondered if Gemma’s father would “go out and do things together” with him, prompting her to respond: “He was really close with my first boyfriend and I think he kind of appreciates a guy who likes sports.” and everything else that kind of thing.

“I heard you talk about football and running and I’m like hmmm,” she joked.

However, Gemma was shocked when her ex-boyfriend Jacques O’Neill arrived at the village over the weekend, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats as the hunky rugby player knows who his father is.

Loving father Michael supported his daughter going to the village


Michael Owen/Instagram)

The couple dated for eight months, and it was reported that he was on good terms with Michael and the family until their breakup.

It remains to be seen whether Jacques will reveal Gemma’s closely guarded secret, as she is determined to keep her father’s fame a secret for fear of being treated differently.

Some fans have speculated that she is planning to wait until the sixth week, when the families of the remaining contestants visit the village of Mallorca.

But will Gemma’s ex, Jacques, tell her everything?



“It will be week 6 when Gemma reveals who her father is,” mused one.

“I really hope Gemma stays home until the families visit and that she still hasn’t told anyone who her father is and then he walks in,” another agreed.

“Gemma has committed. She won’t tell anyone who her dad is and so MO will show up when families visit #LoveIsland,” one wrote.

But will Jacques reveal his secret? Only time will tell…

Love Island continues today at 9pm on ITV2

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