News from Ukraine: British boy lifts thousands of people by cycling 24 km around Richmond Park | United Kingdom | News

Oscar Hutchings’ fundraising cycle lasted two hours and covered a distance of 24 km by taking two laps of London’s Richmond Park on April 3. riding with me. Yaroslav is from Ukraine and his family was there at the beginning of the war.

“My mom was cheering me on the whole time and made me a special t-shirt for my outing.”

Oscar heard about the war in Ukraine and decided to donate everything he could to the crisis appeal, including his favorite coaches.

Speaking to the Northampton Chronicle and the Echo, Oscar’s “proud” mother Heather Willey said: “The first thing he wanted to do was have a huge flag outside the house to show his support for Ukraine.

“I convinced him to put it in his bedroom window.

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According to his mother, riding a bicycle is something he has been “passionate about” since he was little.

The family describes Oscar as loving riding his bike with his father.

His father lives in London, so he chose to cycle around the perimeter of Richmond Park with his father and his father’s friend Yaroslav.

Oscar was initially going to complete one lap of the park, but ended up completing two laps.

All money raised by Oscar will go to the charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which provides emergency medical assistance to people affected by conflict and disaster.

When asked by why Oscar chose this particular charity, he said: “Because doctors need a lot of equipment to help people who have been wounded in the war.

“It is very sad to see so many families being hurt and hurt.”

Oscar added: “I feel very happy and it’s the right thing to do helping other people. It was a team effort and I am grateful to everyone who donated.”

For more information or to make a donation to the Oscars fundraiser, visit Oscar’s Ride for Peace in Ukraine.

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