New Aurora Law Fines for Dogs Barking More Than 15 Minutes, Limit Number of Pets in Home – NBC Chicago

Aurora City Council this week revised the animal control ordinance, which now fines pet owners for barking dogs for a certain period of time and limits the number of animals in a home.

Under the new law, Aurora residents can only have four pets, which is any pet or farm animal, per household, and must not exceed more than two of a given species.

A “companion animal” has been defined by the Council as “a dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig,
5 hamster or other similar domestic animal commonly kept as a pet.”

All families that did not comply with this law before the decree was passed on Tuesday are dismissed, the City Council noted.

If a family requests animal control for an additional pet, owners must prove that all animals in a household also need to be vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered within the past five years.

In another section of the latest provisions, the City Council noted that an animal may not make “excessive noise” outside for more than 15 consecutive minutes from 7am to 10pm and for no more than 10 minutes from 10:01pm to 6:59pm the next day. .

Any claim regarding excessive noise must meet one of the following characteristics: captured by audio or video recording; I made my two or more people from different families; or made by a person, but corroborated by animal control or law enforcement.

An initial quote for an excessive noise violation is $100.

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