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LEGENDARY singer Naomi Judd, best known for her work with country music duo The Judd, has passed away at age 76.

Her daughters released a statement on Saturday, April 30, regarding her death, saying, “Today we sisters have passed through a tragedy.”

“We have lost our beautiful mother to mental illness,” the statement continued.

“We are torn apart. We are in deep pain and we know that as we loved her, she was loved by her audience.

“We are in uncharted territory,” the statement concluded.

The Judds were supposed to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday, May 1, 2022.

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  • Where is Naomi Judd from?

    Naomi was born in Ashland, Kentucky, in 1946.

  • Wynonna’s solo career

    After splitting up in 1991 due to Naomi’s health issues, eldest daughter Wynonna went solo.

    His recognizable solo songs are She Is His Only Need, I Saw The Light, No One Else On Earth and To Be Loved By You.

  • Wynonna’s struggles with depression continued

    Wynonna also said that she “thinks all the time about how hard this life is”.

    “When you live on a farm, you think, ‘Oh, I could jump in a lake,'” Wynonna said.

    “But then I think I have to stay with my grandchildren and make more music… A mentor once told me, ‘Don’t leave until the miracle happens.'”

  • Wynonna’s Struggles with Depression

    Naomi’s daughter and musical partner also stated that she struggles with mental illness.

    “I have thoughts where I tell myself, ‘This is too much,’ and then I call someone,” she told Page Six.

    “I’m literally going to call someone because I got stuck in my sadness where I didn’t call and we have to get in touch and that’s been the hardest thing for me because I’m not good at asking for help.”

  • What happened to Naomi Judd?

    Naomi Judd’s daughters announced her death in a statement provided to The Associate Press.

    The statement read: “Today we sisters have experienced a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to mental illness.”

    “We are shattered. We are navigating deep grieving and we know that as we loved her, she was loved by her audience. We are in uncharted territory.”

    The statement did not detail the details of Judd’s death.

  • ‘Looking forward to seeing your sweet faces’

    In Wynonna Judd’s tragic Instagram post, she said she was excited to see the “sweet faces” of fans as she and now Naomi were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

  • Naomi’s last touching post

    In one of her latest Instagram posts, Naomi Judd wrote about how “her family’s lives have changed forever”.

    “I think The Judds: Dream Chasers exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is remarkable and reminds everyone to hold on to moments in their own life,” reads Judd’s caption.

    “We live in a digital age, but report cards, handwritten notes and awards, even if it’s a school sports trophy, are important to maintain. It’s our story.

    “Our lives were forever changed when we signed to RCA Records and we are incredibly grateful to the Hall of Fame for telling our story through these items.”

  • County Music Hall of Fame, part two

    “Wynonna was the lead singer with a husky, expressive voice that could growl with bluesy intensity or articulate hurt with sensitive sensitivity,” explained the County Music Hall of Fame.

    “Naomi provided harmony, wit and a laid-back stage presence that engaged the audience.”

    “Between 1984 and 1991, the Judds achieved a remarkable twenty Top Ten hits – including fourteen #1s. They also won five Grammys, nine CMA Awards, and seven ACM Awards.”

  • Country Music Hall of Fame

    The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday.

    The organization explained the decision to induct the duo on their website saying, “The Judds helped take the country back to its roots in the 1980s with lean, melodious songs influenced by traditional folk music, acoustic blues and family harmony acts.” .

  • Naomi’s Struggle with Depression, Part Three

    “I realized it wasn’t just sadness,” Naomi said describing her struggle for mental health.

    “It’s so horrible you can’t even think about another day.”

    Naomi Judd published a book in 2017 titled “River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope”.

    She described the book for TODAY as “a survival manual on how to survive depression and anxiety”.

  • Naomi’s Struggle with Depression Continued

    Naomi Judd said she was “immobilized” by mental illness at one point.

    “That’s how bad it can get,” she said.

    “It’s hard to describe. You walk into that deep, dark hole of depression and you don’t think it’s been a minute longer.”

  • Naomi’s Struggle with Depression

    Naomi Judd suffered severely from depression.

    In 2017, Judd told TODAY that at one point “I haven’t gotten off the couch for two years”.

    “I was so depressed I couldn’t move. My husband, my friends and Ashley would come over and I would go upstairs and lock my bedroom door.”

  • Who is Ashley Judd?

    Ashley Judd is an actress and is one of Naomi’s two daughters.

    She rose to fame during the 1990s after starring in a number of notable films.

    She appeared alongside Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Val Kilmer in the 1995 drama film Heat.

    Ashley’s filmography also includes Kiss the Girls, Where the Heart Is, Dolphin Tale and A Time to Kill.

  • Naomi’s last performance

    Country Music Television (CMT) shared one of Naomi’s last performances where she performed “Love Can Build a Bridge” with her daughter Wynonna.

  • Naomi’s influence

    Many country musicians and music fans called The Judds “iconic” artists, acknowledging Naomi’s death as a great loss to country music.

  • What did Naomi do before she was a singer?

    After Naomi split from her ex-husband Michael Ciminella, she moved to California with her daughters.

    Naomi began attending nursing school at the College of Marin before she and Wynonna created The Judds.

  • Maren Morris saw Naomi ‘just a few weeks ago’

    Country singer Maren Morris expressed her condolences, saying she was honored to see Naomi weeks ago.

  • Fans mourn the loss of Naomi

    Judds fans flocked to social media to pay tribute to Naomi’s life and music.

  • Were the Judds sisters?

    When the Judds rose to fame, they were mistaken for sisters because Naomi was so young.

    In reality, the duo consisted of Naomi and her daughter Wynonna.

  • How old was Naomi Judd when she died?

    Naomi Judd was born in 1946.

    She was 76 years old when she died.

  • What was the cause of Naomi’s death?

    In a statement released to the Associated Press, Wynonna and Ashley Judd wrote, “Today we sisters experienced a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to mental illness.”

    “We are torn apart. We are in deep pain and we know that as we loved her, she was loved by her audience.”

    “We are in uncharted territory,” said the two daughters.

    The details of Naomi’s cause of death are unclear at this time.

  • Who is Naomi’s husband Larry?

    Naomi Judd leaves her husband Larry Strickland.

    Larry Strickland was also a musician and played with Elvis Pressley in 1974.

    As per his official website, he was born in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Why did the Judds break up?

    The Judds actively made music from 1983 to 1991.

    The two decided to separate in 1991 after doctors diagnosed Naomi Judd with hepatitis.

    The duo reunited regularly after breaking up for performances over the years.

  • Who were the Judds?

    The Judds were a successful country duo that consisted of Naomi Judd and her daughter Wynonna.

    The Judds first signed a recording contract in 1983 and had released six studio albums before 1991.

    Tragically, the Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in a ceremony on Sunday, the day after Naomi’s death was announced.

  • Was Naomi Judd married?

    Naomi Judd was married to Michael Ciminella from 1964 to 1972.

    After they broke up, Naomi met Larry Strickland.

    The two remained together until Naomi’s death in 2022.

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