My petty neighbor hung a banner outside her house branding me scum after fight over the fence – even after meeting her demands

A petty woman reignited a three-year-old feud over an old fence by scribbling cruel insults on a sheet and hanging it up for her neighbor to see.

Fuming Yuk Lo took his neighbor Dr. Rong Ji to court over two trees in her garden and a crumbling fence between her homes in Sydney, Australia.

Furious Yuk Lo hung a sheet with a scathing message scrawled outside her house.


Furious Yuk Lo hung a sheet with a scathing message scrawled outside her house.Credit: ACA/Nine
She demanded her neighbor pay her 'stress compensation'


She demanded her neighbor pay her ‘stress compensation’Credit: ACA/Nine

It was decided that a “new fence was needed between the houses” and that the pair of trees should be felled – with all costs to be split between the warring neighbors.

Dr Ji accepted the ruling but said he was waiting for another court date to pay his share of the bills, reports The Daily Telegraph.

But Mrs. Lo was furious as she waited for the payment and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She scribbled a scathing message on a sheet marking Dr Ji “scum” and tied him up outside her home amid her claims that the trees are a “danger to her home”, reports. .

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Despite Dr. Ji have busted the money, Ms. Lo stubbornly decided to keep the rude flag.

It reads: “Attention (property address). Owner Dr. Rong Ji.

“Plant trees near the neighbor’s sewer and power grid.

“I spent 4.23 million to buy (property address) on 05/12/2021.

“But ignore court order to pay $412.5 on 7/10/2021 through 6/5/2022, seven months late.”

Dr Ji, however, retaliated and labeled Lo’s concerns a “fantasy”.

He said: “That’s the fantasy, they think that they (the trees) have damaged their house and cut their power line or something, and many things.”

According to court documents, a new fence “is the agreed outcome” but “no way has been found to get there”.

Speaking to A Current Affair this week, Lo said he would drop the application because his neighbor “has not paid stress compensation.”

But at an earlier hearing, Lo’s stress claim was rejected.

Acting commissioner David Galwey said: “In support of this, she has submitted statements and letters from a psychologist, doctor and the pastor of her church, all of whom have referred to the ongoing dispute as the cause of their stress.

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“These are all small trees, unlikely to cause significant damage or injury.

“There’s nothing inherently stressful about these trees.”

Dr Rong Ji accepted the court's decision that a new fence should be installed


Dr Rong Ji accepted the court’s decision that a new fence should be installedCredit: ACA/Nine

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