Meghan Markle News: Duchess SLAMMED as ‘Narcissistic Opportunist’ for Wanting the ‘Spotlight’ Despite Desire for Privacy

GB NEWS host Megyn Kelly has beaten Meghan Markle in front of her audience amid rumors that Meghan could one day run for US presidency.

Kelly said: “What that shows me, the fact that she might be considering this (the US Presidency) or having her eye on it long term, that she’s a crooked, narcissistic opportunist.”

She added: “I want privacy want to run for president. Miss I want privacy for my kids, she is appearing at Jubilee with her kids who will be on camera and she wants to stand side by side with top notch royalty.”

Some people have suggested that the gossip contradicts Meghan’s reason for leaving the royal family, due to the need for privacy.
Savage Megyn said Meghan “loves the spotlight” despite seeking privacy and security in the United States for her family.

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