Mayor says catwalk is a ‘health hazard’

Max Hatzoglou

Brimbank Mayor Jasmine Nguyen said the current plans for Melbourne Airport’s third runway pose an “unacceptable health risk” to the community.

Speaking on ABC radio last week, Cr Nguyen said he would not support the plans until effective measures were implemented.

“Based on the research and proposed plans I’ve seen so far, the only way to support the third runway at Melbourne Airport is if there are effective mitigation measures in place to protect the health of the community,” she said.

“I think it’s our responsibility as a council to look at what we can do for the community, so we work with experts to conduct an independent health impact assessment. And unfortunately, to date, the proposed plans do not have any mitigation or compensation.

“And I think that really presents an irrational and unacceptable health risk to our community.

“Why should airplanes be prioritized over human health?”

The board released its draft on the third catwalk on Friday afternoon, after Star Weekly was printed.

A spokesperson for Melbourne Airport said health and social impact studies are publicly available.

“Melbourne Airport has been open about the benefits and impacts of the third runway proposal and has undertaken a comprehensive study of the social and health impacts of the project,” the spokesperson said.

“We know that the council and the mayor understand the critical role Melbourne Airport plays in connecting Victoria and its exporters to Australia and the world.

“Given the start of the process, potential home noise treatment programs have not yet been produced because the plans are not yet detailed enough to make fair assessments.

“The airport was originally located away from a significant population in the 1960s, and designed for eventual expansion to four runways.

“The urban planning decisions of the councils around the airport allowed the encroachment of residential developments in noise impact areas and therefore directly contributed to the concerns now expressed by the community.

Melbourne Airport said it was looking forward to receiving the board presentation from Brimbank.

“We look forward to welcoming them and working with the council to deliver this important piece of state infrastructure that will help generate hundreds of jobs for Brimbank residents.

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