Man Who Recorded Aftermath of Fatal Fight at Canberra Skate Park Tells ACT Supreme Court He Believed Victim Was Unconscious

A man who recorded video of a confrontation following a fatal altercation at Weston Creek Skate Park told the ACT Supreme Court that he believed the victim was unconscious.

The man was testifying at the trial of a teenager who is accused of killing an 18-year-old by stabbing him six times during an organized fight at the skate park.

The teen pleaded guilty to stabbing the victim’s 16-year-old cousin, who survived his injuries but denied murdering anyone.

On Thursday, the court saw disturbing footage of the aftermath of the fight, filmed by one of the men present.

Some of the jurors in the case shielded their eyes after viewing the video more than once.

The man admitted to making the video, saying he did it because he was drunk.

“Purely because I was drunk,” he said.

The man was in one of three cars that descended on the skatepark for an organized fight, sparked by an aggressive exchange on Snapchat.

He told the court he went to the fight after a friend invited him to join, saying he didn’t even know where they were going.

He said that when he got out of the car his friend was already fighting with the victim.

The court heard that he had gone to help, punching the victim several times in the stomach, but said he did not remember the man hitting him back.

He also told the court how he saw one of the boys in the victim’s car with what appeared to be a machete.

The man also admitted to hitting the victim’s car several times with a pickaxe.

He told the court that he saw the victim on the ground but did not know how he got there.

He denied stabbing the man or seeing anyone else stab him before making the video as the group was leaving.

Two involved in a fight returned to the place, bought fast food

A close-up of drops of blood on a concrete trail, with a police sign with the number one and red marker next to it.
A witness told the court he did not believe the accused’s claims that he had stabbed someone until he returned to the scene.(ABC News: Andrew Kennedy)

The court also heard that two of the people involved in the fatal fight returned to the scene later, buying a meal at a diner across the road and witnessing the police begin their investigations.

A separate witness, called earlier in the day, told the court he pulled the victim out of the car and began beating her after she arrived at the park with a group of friends.

He told the court that he had gone to the scene in his Ute, with three other people, but someone else had driven the trio because none of them were sober.

The man told the court that when he saw a boy in the same car as the victim had what appeared to be a machete, he took a shovel from his Ute and broke the front windshield of the other car.

The court heard that others from the Ute also took a rake and a hoe and hit the car, before fleeing the scene and finding themselves in a house in the suburbs near Duffy.

When asked what happened in the house, the witness said he couldn’t remember much.

The man said that the boy also showed him something.

“He lifted his shirt and [I saw something that] felt like a knife,” he told the court.

“A black handle and a silver blade. As I recall.”

The court heard that he and another man ordered an Uber to take them to the diner across the street from the skate park.

He told the court that when they returned to the scene, they saw police cars everywhere.

He said the two bought a meal and then returned to the Duffy house, where they stayed until morning.

The court heard that many of those involved were summoned by a parent on Monday morning before they went to the police.

Driver asked why his fingerprints were on victim’s car

An ambulance with the lights on at night.
The driver of the car claims he participated in the fight in case his friends needed help.(ABC News: Isaac Nowroozi)

On Wednesday, the driver of the man’s car testified about the incident, saying the group had gone to the park to support some friends in an organized fight.

The driver said he retreated to his car and called his friends when he saw what he thought was a machete.

But he was questioned by lawyers in the case about whether his fingerprints were found on the victim’s car.

“I have no explanation,” he said.

“I didn’t touch that car.”

He also denied stabbing the victim.

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